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Sunday, November 19, 2017, 12:05 PM

Dear Friends,

There’s going to be a wedding!What a wonderfully,joyous time!But along with those happy feelings,comes a whole other set of emotions.

We certainly know how you’re feeling.It’s not all that uncommon.You’ve got a mixture of utter elation,a little bit of fear,and some confusion to top it all off.The daunting task of planning a dream wedding looms ahead of you.

Maybe you’re reading this as the happy bride or groom.Perhaps you are the mother of the bride and need some tips on how to give your daughter the wedding she’s always dreamed of.It doesn’t matter who you are,what matters is that you’ve found us!

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Now that the happy couple is engaged,there’s so much to do for the wedding,you might feel overwhelmed.That’s understandable.You want a beautiful,memorable wedding,but the funds just

aren’t where you think they need to be in order to have that type of ceremony.

It’s alright–there are many people who are just like you.

That’s Exactly Why You Need This Book!

With our amazing new book,“Throw a Dream Wedding on a Shoestring Budget”,you can throw a Cinderella-type wedding without going deep into debt.

  • What will you find inside this e-book?
  • Where to find a gown
  • Saving big on flowers
  • Finding a low-cost photographer
  • Fun party favors for your guests
  • Feeding a crowd for little money
  • Unique gifts for your wedding party
  • And so much more!

It’s a special day and you want it to be everything you’ve ever dreamed about.It can be!No matter how small your budget is,there are ways to maximize your budget and make it go farther than you ever thought it could.

The cost of a dream wedding can rise into the tens of thousands Of dollars very,very easily!My grandparents first home cost£15,000.It was a beautiful brick ranch home in an upper middle class neighborhood that they lived in for many,many years and raised two children in.

It can be mind-boggling that some brides think it’s alright to spend that much money on an event that lasts just one day!But for many,it’s a cost they’re more than willing to incur.

After all,most brides plan on their marriage lasting a lifetime,so the investment in a dream wedding is just a way for them to reassure not only themselves but those around them that they are that confident about this union.That’s OK!

The reality is that there are not many people out there who are able to spend that kind of cash on a party.But they do want a wedding that is memorable,beautiful,and the one that they’ve always dreamed of.Well,guess what?

  1. You Can Have It All–
  2. A Dream Wedding Without
  3. A Huge Price Tag!

A great way to start is by ordering our valuable book,“Throw A Wedding on a Shoestring Budget”today!

This all-in-one comprehensive guide compiles tips from wedding planners,event coordinators,and brides who have been there and done that–thrown a gorgeous wedding on a shoestring budget!

Inside the pages of this book,we’ll show you to how to:

  • Make your own wedding veil
  • Craft gorgeous table decorations
  • Putting together bridal flowers with ease
  • Mix up mouthwatering mints
  • Bake a beautiful wedding cake
  • Conjure up your own pew bows
  • Sew a ring bearer pillow
  • And so much more!

You could search for tips like these on your own,but why do that when it’s all right here!We’ve done the work for you!

Along with page after page of money saving tips,this book also gives you valuable checklists to keep track of expenses and make sure you have covered all aspects of throwing a wedding.There’s nothing worse than being a week away from the wedding and stressing over whether or not you’ve covered all your bases!

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Saving Money on White Wedding Plans

There are days that nobody plans for,including most that pass by,for no planning is needed or considered.Few care about or track the day they received exactly their 23rd paycheck or the day when their child took their 8000th step.On the flip side,there are days that people live for,the moments and events that serve to define an entire lifetime,from conception to death that will serve as major points in one’s life. These days are usually different for each person, an individual accomplishment achieved that would mean little to anyone else, but a few of these events are shared amongst many, the same idea, but countless endless variations; an 18th birthday, a major promotion to upper management, and the most well shared, the day of one’s wedding.

Since its inception,the institution of marriage has caused sweaty palms and wet brows,if not for the event itself,than for the sheer magnitude of the impact that it will mark on(hopefully)the remainder of life to come.It is,of course,essential,then,that the plan goes off without a hitch to guarantee the completion of a lifetime dream,but the harsh realities of life sometimes won’t allow this to be,presenting the ever present hurdle of funding for what should be a day unrestrained by mere cash flow.To aid in the nervousness and pressure lies the simple fact that most marriages are not between two people that have been through the experience before,leaving nerves wracked as advice on proper wedding planning is both ubiquitous and highly subjective.

As a result,many couples spend too much of their all to precious wedding budget on plans,guides and assistants that do little but provide a blueprint cutout for what should be a very personal day.Because of these restraints and pressures coming down on a couple,it’s very easy for tensions to run high, doing nothing to relieve the pressure and only continuing to add to it, but there are answers. Inspired2Change has released a new guide on planning a wedding, all on a realistic, and low, budget with all the frills and extras normally associated with the big day. The advice in the guide runs the gamut, from where to find a gown for fractions of the original price to achieving a full blown, catered, professionally photographed, flower laden wedding for the price of a registry office wedding. All of the advice and information in the guide is fully applicable to any given individual’s situation,allowing them to adapt it their own goal,instead of having one of their biggest moments dictated by outside advice and budget rather than taste and plans.A beautiful,decorated and fairy tale wedding need not be simply a dream,all through the guidance of one small ebook.

Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage!

With warmest regards,

Sam Matthews

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