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Sunday, November 19, 2017, 11:58 AM

Dear Friend,

According to recent surveys done,over 66 percent of Americans age 20 and over are overweight by at least 20 pounds.Obesity is at an all time high as America becomes the fattest nation on the face of the earth!If you’re like me, you think that’s troubling!

Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds,or at the very least start down the road to a healthier lifestyle.We have become a nation dependent on fast food chains and quick-fix pre-packaged foods in order to accommodate our busy lifestyles.

If you’ve found yourself with a couple of spare tires around your mid-section, you probably know you should go on a diet. But you dread doing that because you don’t want to have those hunger pangs that you think inevitably come with diets and weight loss.

Change Your Thinking Today…

You don’t have to be hungry when you diet. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying the kinds of foods you never thought you could while on a weight loss program and never feel like you’re starving yourself.How can you do that?

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I’ve been given exclusive access to an amazing new book that can unlock the mystery behind dieting, losing weight, and never feeling hungry while you’re doing so!It’s titled, ‘Losing Weight Without Starving Yourself’and I’m offering it to you right now!

I couldn’t believe it either. I’ve been through the gamut of fad diets,those fat burning pills that promise to take off 20 pounds in just 3 days….you name it,I’ve done it when it comes to weight loss.The problem was that nothing worked-none of it.And then I read this book!

Inside these pages is a wealth of information about losing weight and still feeling like you’re cheating on your diet.What can you find?

  • Information about metabolism and why it controls your weight loss
  • Putting yourself into the right mindset to lose weight
  • What foods you can eat
  • What foods youCAN’T eat
  • How to shop for the right foods
  • And much,much more!

This book takes the advice of nutritionists,diet experts,and even the Mayo Clinic to offer YOU the best advice around on how to lose weight and not feel hungry in the process.After all,that’s why most people hate the thought of dieting.

Some people think that eating salads every day is the only way to lose weight.Well,it’s a good start,but,really,truly,how long do you think it will take before you dread the mere sight of a lettuce leaf?

The truth is that salads alone just can’t satisfy the needs of the average person. It’ll work for a while,but you run the risk of falling hopelessly off your diet’and quickly at that!

Believe it or not,

You Can Enjoy Regular Food And Still Lose Weight!

It’s true! I didn’t think so either until I read this book!The secret to losing weight without starving yourself is right here inside these pages.Plus it gives you some excellent advice on what foods you should eat,portion sizes,number of meals and exercise regimens.In fact,you will read about

  • A great fat burning exercise workout
  • Toning exercises
  • Exercise to banish cellulite
  • Walking for weight loss
  • And other forms of exercise to help you along!

When there are over fifty percent of our fellow Americans who are out there struggling with their weight,there’s really no reasonNOTto buy this book.

Weight loss remedies bombard us on a daily basis.It’s difficult to open up a magazine or watch a television program without seeing an advertisement or commercial for the next great thing in weight loss.Do they work?

Read This Book And Find Out!

Shedding those extra pounds is no easy task.It takes determination,willpower,and a little work.How do you do that?By being committed to your health and your weight loss goals.But first,you need the tools.

There are so many people out there who want to give you weight loss advice.How many times have you heard these statements:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Try the“Cabbage Soup”diet
  • I’m off carbs and it works great!
  • Only eat dinner and use those
    weight loss shakes in between

Some of this advice is fine,but it’s the
rest of it you have to look out for! The
truth is that you have to figure out
what’s right for you and what your
body will respond to when it comes to
your weight loss goals.
This book is an excellent way to start!

What I liked best about the information this book gives you is the tools you are given to help you along the way.What kind of tools are there?

  • A chart outlining the caloric content of certain foods
  • How many calories you can burn during stpecific activities
  • Over 15 delicious recipes for weight loss

You don’t have to spend hours counting calories anymore.Just follow the advice in this book,and you will lose weight.But you have to be serious about it!

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So don’t starve yourself in pursuit of weight loss. There’s absolutely no need for it.Get used to the idea that losing weight does not require being hungry.Losing weight in a healthy way does not involve starving or deprivation.That’s why it is permanent — if you lose weight in a healthy way, you’re likely to keep it off for good.

That’s what you want,isn’t it?

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Gain with No Pain,a Weight Loss Primer

The ironically growing trend in weight loss is quickly becoming more competitive as people struggle to burn off the extra calories and fat provided by the constant preprocessed,packaged food and drive-through visits that the quick pace,modern day to day life often demands.With such diets and demands placed upon individuals to maintain a strict regimen,many will try time and time again to lose weight,sometimes with success but many times,temporarily.The number one problem that plagues dieters the world over is the slingshot effect of weight loss from very specialized,fad diets.These diets starve the body of the nutrients and chemicals it needs to function effectively and at top efficiency,indeed many of these’quick weight loss’routines are highly dangerous to the health of their practitioners due to the harmful steps involved.

The problem lies not in the dieters,whom may end up with no results despite days,weeks and months of rigid dieting,but rather in the diets they have chosen for themselves in the past.Just as the fad diets can cause serious health problems or a mere temporary weight loss,there are proper and well documented diets that can leave the dieter feeling lighter,healthier and reinvigorated instead of worn down and tired.Inspired2Change has recently released an ebook aimed at longtime slingshot dieters hoping to dispel some of the myths and clarify the facts of attaining and maintaining a truly healthy and effective diet for energy in the short term and health in the long term.Another key factor in the lack of diet success some face are hunger pangs,the gnawing feeling at the back of the stomach that can make it simply unbearable for some to stick to a regimented diet schedule as the pangs can be almost crippling for some.

These pains are only natural,as a holdover from times of yore when early humans required the calorie laden fat from an all too rare hunting kill for energy that was absolutely essential to survival in the wild.Unfortunately,as society has moved on to more civilized and particular ways,our natural biology has refused to keep pace and the pains dieters will usually face during weight loss are a testament to the vestigial reflex’s continued existence.Thankfully the guide released by Inspired2Change accommodates for this,realizing that no weight loss program should include a schedule of continuous pain,and it offers a diet free of the painful stinging,with none of the starving feeling,making it that much easier to stick with the already agreeable program for the long haul and make sure those vital last pounds fall off and stay off.


Richie M

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