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A few years ago I was just about getting by…Now I spend most of my`time`in beautiful Maribelle, Spain. And…

Now I spend most of my`time`in beautiful Marbella, Spain. And…

A few years ago I was just about getting by…

Now I spend most of my`time`in beautiful Marbella, Spain. And…

Last Year I Earned Over £180,000

Come And Join Me. I’ll willingly Show You

Exactly How You Can Earn over

£3,000 per Week

What’s more, you can work from home, just a couple of hours a day, no special equipment or experience required, a start-up capital of less than £50 — and you can relax and examine the whole wealth-creating secrets at your leisure for a full 30-days.

Dear Friend,

Quite frankly, making a great deal of money is not for everyone. And not everyone is cut out to make money.

However, because I believe you’ll benefit from my information, please may I have a couple of minutes of your`time`to demonstrate to you my honesty and genuine offer? I promise to be completely straight and up front with you and I certainly won’t insult your intelligence.

Firstly, you’ll find actual authentic figures from one of my bank statements covering a six-month period (completely verifiable) within this letter. This is not to boast or brag but simply to prove that you can also enjoy fantastic profits (currently £3,000 per week) throughout the whole year. And, unlike most people I DO actually make money from what I’m writing to you about.

I only wish I could have written to you 3-months ago because you’d be at least £36,000 better off, but unfortunately I can only help so many people at a time. Not to worry. This is an ongoing venture and I anticipate you’ll be banking identical amounts over the next 6-months. I know this may be hard to believe but there is no reason why your bank statement will not look like mine very soon. Your bank manager will be truly amazed — mine is!

Imagine waking up in the beautifully decorated master bedroom of your 5-bedroomed house. You open the curtains and admire your manicured gardens. After taking a leisurely breakfast you decide to spend the weekend with your partner shopping in Paris. A quick call to your personal travel agent who confirms two seats on the 2.15pm BA flight to Charles de Gaulle airport. A room is booked at the Paris Ritz and all that is left is a quick pack of a suitcase.

While flying to Paris you have a quite moment anticipating the money that will have been deposited into your bank account upon your return. This would be earned while you are away enjoying yourself.

An impossible dream? No way. Thousands of individuals live this way and there’s plenty of room for you to join them.

If earning £3,000 per week excites you then I’m genuinely here to help you. Perhaps the thought of never having to worry about bills, pensions, future career prospects doesn’t interest you. If you are quite happy to plod along while working most of your life then please accept my apology for bothering you.

If you are still with me then please jump aboard and get in on the action. Forget the traditional way in which to make money. Running a small business, working for others — all too much hassle. The well informed never get their hands dirty. Leave that to the 95% of the population who simply get by all their lives.

There is a group of us — 78,000 at least in the UK who make money without working. Unbelievable? Certainly not. I live this way and enjoy a very easy, relaxing life mostly in Marbella, Spain or at my Manor House in Berkshire.

This way of life is how successful individuals choose to live and I’d love to introduce this way of life to you — today.

Why am I offering to help you?

Oh come on. You know the answer — money pure and simply. I won’t insult you by saying I’m on some sort of moral crusade to empower everyone. Yes, I will be looking to make a profit and cover my costs but this shouldn’t matter because you’ll be receiving every single piece of knowledge and information that’ll enable you (like me)to earn £3,000 per week, and if you not happy then take full advantage of my straight forward 100% money back guarantee. Fair?

The cash is here, right now waiting for you to collect. Come on, if I can make £96,000 in 6-months and I’ve no special qualifications, university education etc then I’ll guarantee you’ll be making this money every year.

Think about it. £180,000 minimum per`year`to do what you want with. I’ve bought a villa in Marbella, Spain, a manor house in Berkshire and I drive a Porsche 993 and BMW X5.

What do you fancy?

How about a swish apartment in London or a country cottage in the Cotswolds. What about a car. BMW, Merc, Porsche? Holidays? Where in the world do you want to travel? America? Australia? Perhaps the Caribbean? You can go anywhere when you’re earning £180.000 per year.

So what is involved. Well forget about stating a business, employing and renting office space.

It’s nothing to do with MLM, mail order, gambling, buy-to-let or stocks and shares. In fact some of the shrewdest millionaires in the UK use the exact same methods to increase their fortunes.

There’s no employees, no customers to meet, no face to face selling and you only have to work a few hours a week. I’m not talking about earning millions, just a few thousand every`month`and I’m confident it’s something you’ve never tried or even heard of before.

When you read about a successful individual they seldom run one single business. No. Their wealth comes from numerous ventures, investments and deals.

This is what I’ll be teaching you. Don’t worry about start-up capital. If you can get your hands on £50 then you’re in business –- guaranteed.

What’s more, I’m so convinced you’ll want a piece of the action that I’ve backed-up everything with a no-nonsense guarantee.

This is a perfect way to make money: minimum effort, very little start-up capital, no past experience or special equipment.

I’m living proof that it really does produce fantastic returns. It turned my life around and I now earn over £180,000 per year, if you’re interested doing the same, then I can help.

May I introduce myself. My name is Robert Evans. I’m 39 years old, married, two children and what you’d probably class as a typical hard-working family man.

No Special Skills Or Talents Required

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, living in a city or a rural location, as long as you are prepared to absorb and apply the information I’ll be sending you, you’ll be banking thousands each month.

The system is suited to everyone who shares an ambition to better themselves and create a wealthy, secure lifestyle. There are currently 73,990 millionaires in the UK, and a large percentage earned their fortunes using the exact same methods.

Quite simply, it’s one of the easiest, fastest, proven legal processes you can use to become extremely rich. Your start-up costs are virtually nil, but the rewards are unlimited.

Just a few hours per week are all that’s required. There’s no need at the beginning to give up your present job. But I’ll guarantee that once you’ve experienced the simplicity of producing a regular weekly income, you’ll never want to work for anyone else again.

From a manual job to driving a Porsche

You’re probably wondering how to get hold of this system by now. I’ll tell you in just one moment. But before I do, I’d like to tell you a little story about an experience I had a few years ago. I was going nowhere. I worked for a light engineering company and hated every minute. From those early morning starts, to the filthy working conditions, I was pretty miserable. The only thing that kept me going was my responsibilities to my wife and two small children. Week after week I would take home a hard-earned £250.00 only to see it quickly melt away paying the bills and everyday living expenses.

My breakthrough came from endless research and dedication. I’d always had an interest in making money even from a young age when I would sell sweets at school by undercutting the tuck shop, repair friend’s bicycles and sell unwanted toys. While working at the factory I dabbled with a few business ideas in my spare time, car boot sales, buying and selling — that sort of thing. I also got into the habit of studying successful business leaders; and I even joined the local golf club so that I could mix with wealthy individuals.

Surrey golf clubs are full of rich individuals

One particular person caught my eye. I discovered from clubhouse talk that he had made over £1m within 24-months. His wealth came from a whole host of different investments and ventures.

As the old adage goes ‘successful people have fingers in many pies’. I quickly realised why this is so important. Having several different sources of income not only increases your net worth, but also spreads the risk and virtually guarantees you’ll get rich. This is one of the first lessons I learnt from studying successful individuals.

Over the months he and I became good friends. He listened avidly about my miserable situation and how I longed to break free from the rat race.

His many varied enterprises and investments all followed the same principles of being cash producing projects. These profits would then be re-invested into other enterprises. From my many hours of idle chat and a few “insider” secrets he let slip, I began to feel confident about my future.

My first venture made £3,000 profit

He eventually agreed to allow me to join him in a venture although I had to come up with £500. I had nothing to lose so I took a risk. Within a`month`that £500 had turned into £3,450.00. That was all the proof I needed that this was my future.

Rather than be silly and blow the £3,000 I invested it into another venture and sold out 2-months later returning a near £6,000 profit. Incidentally, these early ventures along with every single other deal I’ve been involved in will be sent to you.

I could barely believe the results. It was incredible. I learnt that by approaching a business or investment venture in a certain way, following a predetermined route, success and rewards become a predictable certainty. I knew straight away that my life would change completely.

I Gave Up My Job Within A Month And

Made £108,000 Within My 1st Year

From those early ventures, I re-invested the profits into other enterprises and gradually my income increased. That was nearly five years ago. Since then, I’ve honed and fine-tuned a very successful and fantastically profitable business blueprint — which I call my business success system.

I’ve never looked back. I now honestly make between £12,000 and £15,000 every`month`– (fully verifiable). I only work 14 hours a week from whichever home I’m in whenever it suits me. Although I say work, it’s more play. You’ll enjoy following this system; you’ll wake up each morning raring to go. Everyday brings new excitement — you’ll love it!

My ex-work colleagues have been fantastic, I still keep in touch with a few and although they tease me about how I’ve gone a bit ‘above my station’ they still wish me the best of luck. I know it’s hard for some of them when they see an ex-work colleague doing so well. I made £108,000 within 12 months. The following`year`£145,000 and the past 3 years £180,000. You can do exactly the same.

My family and friends are still amazed. My wife can’t believe the turnaround and my children have taken to their new lifestyle with ease — constantly wanting the ‘next’ style gizmo!

Big Problem, Easy Fix

Today, the plight of many an average man and woman has gone ignored as across the world, economies are facing some of the hardest times in recent memory, with depression cycling back in to devastating effect as unemployment skyrockets, wages plummet and overall citizen happiness falls precipitously. It’s not difficult to see why everyday people are bogged down by the woes and miseries of the recession more every day, as the global economy has brought prosperity in the past, allowing imports and exports to pass through countries at unprecedented levels and opening up new trading routes from opposite sides of the world; the problem with this interconnectivity lies in the failure of one of the major backing states that helps support the entirety of this economy.

Should the U.S. or China find themselves in dire straits, as they very well may be now, the rest of the global economy would feel the impact as the ripples of ruin reach all other countries as well. While this hits all over the world, and serves as an example of a global catastrophe, many forget about the individual impact these changes have had and would have upon individual lives, leaving many struggling to meet formerly trivial monthly bills and simply maintain life as it was before the hit. Unfortunately, many are finding themselves in this situation, unsuccessful, even after working themselves to the bone`day`in and`day`out. Jobs that can be classified as the ‘daily grind’ are not often profitable enough to maintain very many luxuries for common workers at this point. All is not lost, however, Inspired2Change, a company helping people to improve their lives and their bank accounts, has released a manual providing a pathway to what so many workers dream daily for, financial security.

While many toil away at a job every day, for hours a`day`for a mere £100-200 a week, Inspired2Change’s method guarantees weeks where profits can be in excess of £3,000, not monthly, but weekly, an income that guarantees one the ability to live not only comfortably, but luxuriously, without a worry in the world for work or bills. While the methods to these riches have been kept under wraps for years, the vast majority require very little work to be implemented, with no clients, customers or bosses, allowing one to direct their time, energy and capital as they see fit. The program itself requires almost no capital to begin, preempting the catch 22 of needing money to make money and allowing savvy entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door on a trick that will inevitably be blown open to the public at large in the following few years, ensuring greater profits and a sizable head start. When there are methods available to make money this easily, ‘working’ any other way can seem almost, well, silly.

Freedom to do as you please

I now travel all over the world. Sometimes on business, other times for pleasure. The first`time`I experienced first-class air travel was truly mind blowing. These days 5-star hotels are the norm. Once you’re underway, I suggest you sample a stay in major city hotels — the kind of places where your luggage is unpacked for you –- an amazing experience when first encountering this service.

I spend a great deal of `time`at my £150,000 Spanish villa in Marbella — paid for by cash. Most mornings I awake to blue skies, I stroll along the beach before enjoying a breakfast of fresh fruit. A leisurely swim in my pool and I may then do an hours work. Then it’s either the golf course for the afternoon or a drive through the mountains in my Porsche 993. Perhaps your tastes will be slightly different?

When in the UK I live in a Berkshire Manor House set in 5 acres, my BMW X5 is parked in the triple garage. The house is filled with all the latest gadgets and gizmo’s. Like my £1,500 flat-screen t.v. and DVD. I adore Regency furniture and my wealth-creation system has enabled me to acquire some beautiful pieces.

Christmas times are spent in Switzerland where the whole family enjoy skiing. We rent a log cabin for 4 weeks every year. Ski throughout the`day`–- with a lunch break at one of the mountainside restaurants and then the evening is spent in front of a log fire — a truly magical experience.

VERY IMPORTANT. I’m not telling you all this to make you jealous — far from it. I’m genuinely showing you what you’ll be able to enjoy simply by following my successful system. Start making your list now!

“Dear Robert, Although I have a B.Comm and a MBA, I found your course a real insight. Economics never taught me about wealth creation. In my first week with you I followed all you ideas and techniques. Having identified a small but profitable investment opportunity which I took full advantage of, I made a very simple £2,750. It took about 2 hours to set things in motion. This investment cash enabled me to finance more profitable ventures – many of which you brought to my attention. Since those early months studying and adopting the methods you outline in your course, I can honestly say my life has changed completely.

Back in December I had made £15,000 from a number of different projects and I continued to re-invest those profits as you instruct. It is now early March and I really can’t believe how things have worked out. Today I’m looking at my bank statement which displays a balance of £225.000.

I still cannot thank you enough. I would be more than pleased to recommend your course to anyone. Rob, once again, thank you so much for everything.

Carl Messurier – Hampshire

Here’s a genuine Bank Statement covering income that I’ve earned.

It changed my life within a few months and I’m convinced it’ll do the same for you.

Forget about the scam merchants. I absolutely disassociate myself from those dubious characters. All I ask is for you to trust me. Quite simply I’ve developed a very successful system and I’m genuinely able to provide the knowledge and strategies that’ll increase your personal wealth and teach you how to identify the many wealth-creating opportunities that lie around us all in a modern, developed nation like ours.

I’m not here to rip anyone off, run off with your hard earn money or simply disappear. It’s actually in my interest to make sure you become successful as I’ve plenty of ventures in the pipeline that you can join me in once you’re made your first £100,000.

I’ve willingly enclosed an actual copy of one of my bank statements, plus genuine testimonials from people that I’ve already introduced my system to. It goes without saying that all are genuine and are available for inspection at my office.

I’ll show YOU how easy it is to create your own personal fortune in a precise manner that not only motivates you to act, but ensures you’ll prosper. I’ll reveal all the ingenious ways in which anyone, whether it be a man, woman, employed or unemployed, a business owner or company director who is eager to invest in their future, can make more money from business and investment ventures than any other source I know.

The exact system, knowledge, methods and strategies that made me over £94,500 within 6-months is available to you to view at your leisure for a full 30-days. I must emphasise that my offer is strictly only open to a limited number of people who will be allowed to copy my system step-by-step. If you are seriously interested, and are prepared to trust me then I’ll genuinely help you become financial secure for life.

I’ll Reveal Exactly How You Can Copy And

Apply The Methods That Created My Wealth

So how exactly will you make your money? Forget about running a typical small business. Whether it is a newsagents, corner shop, delivery or cleaning franchise business. Anyone who runs these businesses and many more alike are not in it to become wealthy. No. They have simply created a job for themselves. Sadly, many would be far better off working for someone else and save themselves the pressures and stresses associated with running a small business.

As I found out from my friend at the golf club. Successful individuals don’t get involved in running businesses — far too many hassles. They use their knowledge and ingenuity to acquire their wealth. This comes from a series of investments and enterprises.

And so I’ll personally introduce you to the very best business ventures, projects and investments. You will learn the methods and techniques that earn me £180,000 per`year`and be able to copy all the ventures that I’ve been associated with that has created, and continues to add to my wealth.

Incidentally, I’ve received many letters from delighted purchasers who are all achieving excellent returns from their involvement. One has made over £225,000 within 6-months. All letters are genuine and unsolicited and are available for inspection.

“Firstly, let me say what a fantastic job you are doing. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. From losing a fortune on all sorts of schemes in the past, I can truly say this system is the most profitable venture I’ve ever been involved with. I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d receive from you at the start but not only have you delivered all that was expected, you’ve actually gone that little bit further and I feel I’ve received much more than my monies worth”

C. Sawyer Glasgow

If you are interested in joining me then there is work to be done.

You need at least £50.00 to invest at the start

You need to be able to spare 10-hours per week

You need to be disciplined and be prepared to re-invest all your early profits

Now, please don’t hang around. I can only help so many people at once. If you want to experience the difference it is up to you to make the difference. Lots of people dream about becoming extremely rich. Few people actually do anything about it apart from playing the lottery.

But before I tell you how you can get your hands on this amazing information, let me tell you about a special gift I’ve reserved in your name.

If you order within the next 5-days I will send you completely free a 37-page special interview report guide conducted with 18successful entrepreneurs –worth £49.99.

Interviews include owners of: Gym & Fitness Club, Estate Agency, Import/Export, Petrol Station, Property Developer, Restaurateur, Mobile Phone Retailer, Car Hire, Driving School, Plant Display and Travel Agency plus many more.


I want you to be 100%satisfiedwith the information that I’ll be sending you. If –after 30-days — after you’ve had the chance to read it you do not agree– for any reason whatsoever, you may return the information for a full refund. There’ll be no questions asked. And no hard feelings on my part either. You can also keep the free gift as a thank you for at least viewing the information.

You can order by credit card, cheque, postal order or cash. Please send your order to my publisher to ensure you’ll receive the study information course and your free 37-page special interview report straight away. Their address is on the enclosed order form and envelope.

So please don’t hang around as I can only help a certain number of people each time. The sooner that I hear from you the quicker you can get started.

I very much look forward to personally helping you to live your dreams and secure a future of prestige, wealth and privilege for you and your family.

Warmest Regards,

Robert Evans

PS I’m convinced the information I’ll be sending you is one of the very best sources of wealth-creation available. Why? Because you’ll benefit from actual hands-on experience and be able to follow exactly the same route I took.

PPS Don’t be left behind. Life is far too short to simply sit around and let other people enjoy a world of luxury, freedom and privilege. Within days you’ll get the ball rolling and start to earn big money.

PPPS You risk nothing. I’ll provide you with the knowledge and information that enables me to earn £180,000 per year. See for yourself, if you are not happy simply return it for a full refund.

©2007 – All Rights Reserved.

Inspired2change was set up to blow the lid on what is normally a very secretive market of making enough money from home to live! We at inspired2change believe that everyone with the right education can be shown that there is a better way to live our life's!! whether that means you are able to buy what you please without worrying, Spending more`time`with our families and on things you love or just releasing yourself from the 9 to 5 rat race, Our aim is to help you On your path to freedom!!
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