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Over A 12-Month Period I Amassed £120,000 Worth Of Property Without Risking
A Penny I’ve Now Created My Own Property Empire…

“I’m Ready To Reveal Secrets Which Will Deliver More Riches And Success Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…

“Discover How You Can Follow My Instructions And Make Fantastic Profits From Each Property Deal…”

“Over A 12-Month Period

I Amassed £120,000 Worth Of Property Without Risking A Penny – - I’ve Now Created My Own Property Empire…

“I’m Ready To Reveal Secrets Which Will Deliver More Riches And Success Than You Ever Dreamed Possible…

“Discover How You Can Follow My Instructions And Make Fantastic Profits From Each Property Deal…”

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

This is one of the most difficult letters I’ve had to write. Please allow me a few minutes of your`time`to explain a number of things that I’m sure will convince you that anyone – from whatever background can make a great deal of money by investing in property. You’ll soon discover that you don’t need an I.Q. of 140, you certainly don’t need to work hard – and most importantly, you don’t need a single penny of your own money to get started.

My name is Robert Evans, over the past few years I’ve not only created my very own property portfolio, I’ve also helped a number of people make a lot of money, very quickly, from property. You can do it too – it’s not difficult!

The only requirement I look for from students is a genuine desire to make money from property. Do you qualify?

And there is one commitment – in the beginning you need to be able to spare a few evenings and weekends – but the more`time`you put in, the more money you will make. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but with my help and guidance it can be done quickly if you are prepared to give it your time.

A few of you may already be thinking: “Why should I waste `time`and money in property dealing? I don’t know the first thing about it?”

Well, you don’t need any formal qualifications to make money from property dealing. What’s more, you definitely won’t be wasting any of your own money, because I going to show you how you’ll be able to use other people’s money to build your property empire – if you don’t already know, it’s the secret that 99% of all property millionaires used to make their fortunes. You won’t be wasting your`time`either because I’ll be revealing my own techniques and strategies that make it impossible for you to lose money.

Are you still asking “Why property?”

Property dealing or developing – whatever you want to call it, is actually very similar to the buying and selling of any other commodity.

I’ve concentrated on property because I quickly realised that property trading is one of the quickest ways to financial success – and let’s be honest, none of us are patient when it comes to making a great deal of money.

Consider this. The population is increasing – land is becoming much more scarce. So basically, property is fast becoming a limited commodity that will always be in demand. There’s a common goal in the UK – property ownership is a desire we all aspire too.

If you read the pages of the UK’s 500 richest people, 68% made their fortune from property. Read a biography of a self-made millionaire, and you will instantly note that they all have one thing in common – they found a need and filled it.

In a nutshell – this is the formula for achieving success – from any business enterprise. This formula has been followed through by many of the UK’s wealthiest people. Again, take a look at The Sunday Times Rich List – over half the people from the UK’s 500 richest people made their money in property.

How To Use Other People’s Money To Build

Your Own Fortune

One of the key aspects in making a great deal of money – fast – from property is by using a process called OPM – other peoples money. This may seem surprising but it’s the prime reason why you can acquire a fortune from property in a short period.

Let me explain. OPM is widely regarded as one of the most powerful tools in the armoury of a property developer. Why? Because by investing borrowed money into a property – you not only make a great deal of money for yourself, but also for your lender – and at the same`time`you are providing a service to the community by providing much needed housing.

I’m willing to teach you exactly how anyone can obtain unlimited borrowing power. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not promising that you’ll be able to walk into your local bank and borrow say £500,000 – no, but with a little planning you’ll learn how I achieved my borrowing and was able to buy a property for £55,000 without using a single penny of my own money. You’ll discover how lending institutions will by falling over themselves in helping you achieve a financial fortune from property. I’m in the process of acquiring my second property – a flat worth £150,000. I’m then going to let this out at £650 per`month`- and still end up with a profit each`month`while my property is being paid for by other people. I will also gain long-term capital growth.

Become A Property Millionaire Within 12-24 Months

How much you want to make is entirely up to you. Some people don’t want hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of property – while others like myself are aiming to acquire £1M plus in property within the next 12-24 months.

I know from my past business ventures that there really isn’t a more profitable and secure way in which to make a handsome profit in a short period of time.

A friend of mine who followed my advice bought a slightly

run-down one bedroom flat in Manchester City Centre for £80,000 – using OPM. He then borrowed a further £10,000 to modernise the flat and within six months sold the flat for £155.000. He walked away with a profit of £65,000 for six months work – now that is what I call easy money – don’t you? By paying off his lenders within six months he’s now established a very good reputation and he’ll be able to borrow much more for his next project which I believe is a six bedroom house that will be turned into 3 luxury apartments which he intends to sell for £250,000 each! I saw him last week driving his brand new Porsche Boxster – bought from his first property deal.

The Fine Art of Property Trade and Profit

Today’s average layman is in a precarious financial situation; wages are plummeting, forcing them to work long hours for lower pay in order to just break even on their former income, and it’s due largely to the global recession currently ravaging the worlds’ economies leaving currencies inflated, businesses failing and countless`time`honored methods of savings less stable than they have been in decades, with workers caught up in it all with no recourse. This can cause a massive spike in work related stress, obviously, and this influence can seep out to all areas of one’s life, from the work place back to home, leaving a lingering atmosphere of anxiety that prevents any true rest in non-working waking hours.

The problem with this situation is that it can be entirely avoided, and though it would be more beneficial to rework the entire system over to provide for all, it is significantly easier for an individual to escape the bonds of the everyday drudge job, leaving them free to enjoy their`time`and money as they please rather than as dictated by budget or`time`constraints. Surprisingly, even in this hostile economic environment, there remains such an out for individuals privy to the knowledge. The salvation from poverty and an unrewarding`day`job lies for many in property sales and management. Despite what many believe, you can start in property management and development without stacks of cash, indeed getting started requires very little actual capital or long term commitment, necessitating only a few free nights and weekends, but scant else to begin.

Inspired2Change, a company in the business of helping their customers improve their lives through self help and light instruction rather than long hours of seminars and speeches, has released a guide on the benefits, tips, tricks and insider secrets that can generate over £120,000 in a single`year`of trading and selling properties. While it seems unbelievable, the manual promises all these wonders with little actual work, leaving the buyer in charge of directing the management and development of properties through externally provided capital, creating a beneficial relationship for all parties while fostering growth and commerce within the community receiving newly constructed and re-purposed properties, this creates a beneficial arrangement not only for users of the program, but their surrounding neighbours and communities. This presents a chance to not only acquire great profit but to also help others, again with less effort and willpower needed to work a normal job`day`in and`day`out. With all these benefits, few could refuse, and it’s little surprise, for it’s not every`day`one is presented with an easy path to becoming a truly successful entrepreneur.

A Life Of freedom And Luxury

The wonderful thing about property developing is that it doesn’t require: any huge effort, no getting your hands dirty, no need for risk marketing like other business enterprises do and no need to wait many years before you see a return in your investment. Plus, no office required, no early morning starts, no boss breathing down your neck and no worries about redundancies. The reason most people reject property development is because they think they can’t do it!

The one thing that separates you from the property millionaires throughout the UK is information. Having the know-how and motivation is all that’s required in this business.

By investing your borrowed money in property you’ll quickly achieve vast wealth. I know this because my £55,000 slightly run-down bungalow I purchased last`year`has now more than doubled in price. With the equity from this property, it will enable me to buy the second property for £150,000. Within the next 12-months I hope to have created a property empire worth in excess of £¼ million pounds. You can do the same.

I will show you just how easy it is to make a sure profit from this business. There are property bargains all over the Country. Not just City centres but towns and villages.

There hasn’t been a better `time`to buy in over 25-years. Now is the`time`to act…

· Interest rates at their lowest level since the 1950’s

· Inflation is below the Government’s target of 2½%

· The Centre for Economics and Business Research says that an average house will appreciate by 197% within 18-years

· The Housing Futures 2012 Study predicts demand for rental accommodation will nearly double in just 10-years

The majority who dabble in property at present don’t know where to look. They only ever tend to scratch the service of the market. They fail to notice the little-known untapped market where the truly easy profits exist.

There are so many different ways in which to make exceptional profits from the property market – within my 8-lesson study course I cover every conceivable profit opportunity.

From buying run-down properties for renovation, property conversion, buy to let or land development. I’m hoping that you are starting to feel confident about the world of opportunity from property investment – and the big profits on offer.

How And Where To Get Property For As Much As 50% (or more) Off The True Market Value

Take Distress Property for instance. This is property that has either been repossessed or some other tragedy such as divorce, redundancies, death, health problems and so on has occurred.

Whatever the reason, the property has found its way to auction.

For the budding property tycoon distress property is an absolute goldmine. You can basically go out today and pick up a property at auction for £50,000 and sell it tomorrow for £75,000. A £25,000 profit in one day! Most people don’t earn this much in a `year`but for property entrepreneurs it happens every day.

There are so many ways of making money in property. I have only skimmed the service of property potential here.

If you feel this is something you would like to get involved in then what I’m writing to you about today will be of interest.

I’ve teamed up with another property tycoon – Paul Henderson. He made his fortune by converting an old Victorian property into luxury apartments. Together we’ve created a 6-lesson home study course on how to make serious money from Property Development & Investment.

In the 6 easy to follow, yet comprehensive lessons, Paul and I will take you from raw novice to someone totally equipped and ready to start making big money from property.

Essential Tips And Hints For

Tomorrow’s Property Tycoons

Paul and I will teach you exactly how to become a property expert within 8-weeks. We’ll show you how to develop your property business into a regular cash-generating operation. We’ll guide you and rid you of any fears you may have about losing money or making costly mistakes.

The skills and knowledge you’ll gain from the course can be put to work straight away, and then used `time`and again as you add more and more projects to your property portfolio.

Here are a few of the exciting things you’ll learn from the course…

  • Getting started and raising finance… fast
  • Structuring your business
  • Understanding the market
  • Finding and buying the right properties
  • An investigation into the three most profitable areas of development
  • The importance of gearing
  • Details of government and local authority grants
  • The fundamental secrets to what buyers are looking for

  • How to anticipate property prices of the future
  • The importance of nesting and investing
  • How to identify trends which will influence the property market
  • The four pillars of Property Success — Renovation, Conversion, Land Development and Buy to let
  • The secrets developers use to spot a good location
  • The five crucial principals to a good location
  • Discover the black-book secrets of not-so-good locations that developers follow
  • Secrets to using estate agents for property acquisitions
  • The secrets to property auctions — how to bid, the legal package, reserved prices, conditional offers, proxy bidding, private treaty purchase and a purchase by tender
  • Actual experiences of property auctions… the good, the bad and the ugly
  • How developers appraise each project
  • Learn about The Thirty House rule that developers use
  • How to build a team of advisors
  • Learn about contingency fee agreements
  • How to use the Ten-Five Formula which developers use
  • The inside story of estate agents
  • Five must-try techniques when making an offer for a property
  • How to spot property ripe for renovation
  • Which projects are suitable for you to be the main contractor and which to appoint a main contractor
  • How costings can be used as a bargaining tool when appointing a contractor
  • How to find the right builder for your job
  • How to deal with tradesmen — the jargon, procedures etc
  • Learn about BS for building materials… and all the other technical terms used
  • Learn about building controls regulations and planning permission
  • How to draw up a project schedule

  • Renovating a property — roofing, structural alterations, damp proof courses, joinery, windows, electrical work, plumbing and drainage
  • How to present a renovated property for sale
  • How to double your profits from property conversion
  • Why you should stay clear of barn and warehouse conversions in the early days
  • How to estimate the profit potential of each conversion project
  • How to work with an architect
  • How to design a conversion for maximum profit

  • How to manage a property conversion
  • Learn about freeholds and leaseholds
  • How to locate plots of land for development
  • Learn why property developers never wait for land to come up for sale… they instead identify suitable plots and make a direct approach to the owner

  • How developers estimate the profitability and likely returns from each land development project
  • Actual case studies of land development projects

… and much more

In a nutshell, the advice you’ll learn can take you from a starting position and rapidly deliver extraordinary levels of profit – resulting in creating a personal wealth and financial security for life. You’ll discover more practical ways to grow your property empire, actual case-studies on past developments, and more sound advice than any other source that I know of.

Frankly, I want to make you an offer to review my information that you’ll find irresistible. Why? Because I know my 6-lesson Property Development Course is a crucial element in achieving a personal fortune.

Once you start to apply all the techniques, advice and information that I’ll reveal to you, and experience first-hand the fantastic profits you’ll make from each deal you’ll also agree with me that my course is without doubt priceless.

Here’s is my risk-free offer.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with the information that I’ll be sending you. If – after 30-days you do not agree that you can make huge profits from property development and investment, you may return the 6-lesson study course for a full no questions asked refund.

So what have you got to lose? Don’t waste another second. Any delay in getting started could cost you thousands in potential profit. You can order your 6-lesson Property Development & Investment Home Study Course direct from my publisher.

To order is very simple. Please complete the enclosed order form and send it with payment direct to my publisher and within a few days you’ll be on your way to making tens of thousands in profit from the wonderful opportunity of Property Development & Investment.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to the course.

Very best regards,

Robert Evans

Robert Evans

PS Property Development & Investment is one of the quickest ways to make a great deal of money. We are not talking about the odd thousand in profit… you have the opportunity to make tens of thousands from one simple project and then re-invest your profits to acquire more property deals.

PPS You risk nothing. Order this 6-lesson home study course and try it out for yourself. If, after 30-days you feel Property Development & Investment is not what you want to do, simply return the course for a full refund.

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