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Successful Trader Reveals Secrets of Making £680 per Week, Tax Free Betting on The Financial Markets

Having spent the last 36 months betting on the financial markets, part-time trader Robert Evans has developed an incredible sure-fire system that brings in the profits on a weekly basis. Now you can discover how he does it and make £680+ per week doing

“Successful Trader Reveals Secrets of Making £680 per Week, Tax Free Betting on The Financial Markets”

“Having spent the last 36 months betting on the financial markets, part-time trader Robert Evans has developed an incredible sure-fire system that brings in the profits on a weekly basis. Now you can discover how he does it and make £680+ per week doing the same thing.”

Dear Reader,

This letter contains an offer that can make you an extra £136.00 per day. That’s the average participating clients are already making spending less than five hours per week. What’s more, you’ll be paid un-taxable cash which is yours to spend and enjoy as you please.

Please take 2 minutes to read through my offer, because quite honestly, I don’t want you to rush through it like the rest of your morning post.

There is a genuine and legal way where you can make a great deal of money simply by predicting the rising and failing movements of the financial markets. I’m enjoying this extra income and with my guidance you too can enjoy regular and significant daily gains.

My approach isn’t magic, it’s a simple and clear system of identifying specific opportunities by using tried and tested strategies and techniques. All the major institutions are in on it and rake in vast profits along the way. Ok, I’m not going to show you how to make millions, but would you be interested in making £600/£700 per week?

As Mr R. Kingston wrote: “I felt sufficiently enthused at this simplistic method of betting on Futures to show my appreciation at your bringing it to my attention … I followed your advice and paper traded – extraordinarily I would have made money every`day`… thanks again”.

This is a bona fide and sincere offer for you to learn exactly how to trade the financial markets successfully. My method has been providing me with a steady income over the years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I also take full advantage of the fact that all profits are tax free and I’ve never had to risk a single penny of my own money!

You might think that a system that provides a weekly profit requires an understanding of the financial markets. Not so. Once you’ve learned how to successfully trade, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that past experience, specialist knowledge in finance, licences or expensive equipment are not required. If you have a telephone and access to teletext, then I promise you, you’ll make money.

All your trades will be conducted over the telephone from the comfort of your home. Every piece of information required for you to make an extra income from this exciting business comes supplied. I’ll also disclose the sources of additional information that will be beneficial. It’s all included in my brand new home study course on Financial Trading.

For more than 3 years I have learned, honed, tested and fine-tuned more than 50 different trading strategies and techniques that –- when applied, rapidly produce incredible daily profits. When it comes to trading you need to be assured that all eventualities are covered. You want to be confident in the knowledge that whatever direction the markets move, you still finish the`day`in profit. This, I have achieved.

When developing my system, the first requirement was to ensure that it stood up to all rigorous trading conditions –- it has. I then wanted a system that when put into practice resulted in strong, ongoing profits –- it has. I also wanted a system that I felt confident with –- I do.

I am ready to share these strategies with you, I will show you how to apply these strategies and techniques and ensure you generate the level of success that has come my way over the years. I take trading very seriously and this has enabled me to increase my net worth to a considerable level. You’ll discover that by applying a combination of techniques and strategies, you can optimise every financial trade and get the maximum return.

The theory behind betting on the financial markets is very much the same as with horse racing. Your aim is simply to bet on the performance of the financial markets with a bookmaker. Other than that it is no more difficult to get started, and needs no more money, than horse race betting. The minimum required is just 50p. If you can bet on the Grand National then you can get involved in financial betting — only you stand to win much, much more — and not just once a`year`but every day!

Here are some more advantages

of Financial Trading :

a You can do it all from the comfort of your home. You’ll require a newspaper, TV with Teletext or the Internet and a phone –- that’s it! You need very little time, most financial traders devote just a few hours a week and you can have trades in place that open and close automatically.

Text Box: Builder Makes A small Fortune Canny builder Peter K. has amassed over £150,000 over the past 2 years from the highs and lows of the FTSE This was taken from a press report that featured a builder who concentrates solely on the FTSE share index and made over £150,000. He makes £200 per point change, and like myself, sets daily targets. It’s cheap to trade. There is no commission and no other fees or charges to pay when you place a bet. The bookmaker pays the betting duty! So you get the full cash value.

It’s tax free! All your winnings are currently paid totally free of any tax or other deductions. Because you don’t actually buy into the financial markets but only bet on them there is no stamp duty to pay.

Careful application of strategies and techniques really do pay off. And, unlike, for example, horse race betting where information is kept ‘hush-hush’, there is masses of information available to help you make trading decisions. In the financial markets insider trading is illegal, so you have access to exactly the same information as the big city traders!

You can use credit effectively. Once you are established you can trade with money that you do not actually have, and make large gains without having to produce your stake money up front.

You win both ways! As opposed to share dealing where profits are only gained from rising prices, this form of trading delivers profits from both rising and falling markets. If you physically buy shares and they fall you can only lose — and no one wins anything by backing the loser in a horse race. But with financial betting you can even make a lot of money from a financial disaster!

Trading and Betting, the Keys to Success

With all the wonders brought about by the modern age, from the advances in medicine and science to the technological development leading us to better horizons like the next generation of the internet, it is a wonder there has been so little done to ensure a better distribution of leisure`time`and wealth to allow all to enjoy a life free of the stresses and worries of the everyday. From bills to taxes to groceries and childcare, the harsh realities of life often disallow fun spending, going out of your way to enjoy yourself and spend a little money just for the sake of happiness and self improvement, and the effects show on the faces and attitudes of today’s workers, often worn down and run ragged as they struggle to keep up with their work schedule and fight to maintain and equilibrium with mounting bills.

While the ways to quick riches, stacks and stack of money, remain relegated sadly to the realms of fantasy, there are alternatives to an everyday drudge job that keeps one working on a schedule, doing the same`day`in and`day`out for hours. For example, Financial Trading provides the possibility for largely untrained, self-employed workers to stay home and collect £600-£700 a week from no more than a small`time`investment of 5 hours per week. While many offers will claim more extravagant riches, few have shown to stand up to testing over long, or in some cases, even short periods of analysis. While they may promise thousands a week and deliver none, this simple program offers a healthy income, guaranteed, with none of the trickery or scams one has to be wary of.

Inspired2Change, a business dedicated to helping people live happier lives through self improvement, has recently published a guide on how to help the layman begin their first foray into the financial trading market the right way, with tips and advice from years of experience and rigorous testing to ensure that this method will work for you as it has many others, allowing a happier, more care free life with`time`to do as you please, rather than slaving away at it. To top off all of these bonuses, the earnings one gains from betting on the financial markets are entirely tax free, with none of the massive cuts out of your hard earned money, allowing you to pocket more in less time, all completely legally, making sure the money you work for stays yours. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that current traders have sought to keep the market and its secrets under wraps, but there’s no reason for them to be kept from the working public, so why wait? Get your chance at a secure, well paying and low maintenance income before its gone.

Prepare yourself for a substantial,

profit producing business venture.

Let me give you an illustration of my strategies and techniques in action, and how by applying a simple process I made a handsome profit.

Case History: A crash that delivered a £3,710.00 profit

The FTSE was having a miserable time, a number of major companies were issuing profit warnings and a frantic selling process began. My system had already anticipated this movement the`day`before, this enabled me to go in low on the FTSE. Come close of business the FTSE had fallen 83 points -– my profit was £720.00. But that wasn’t the end, my strategies also highlighted the problems the Dow Jones would face the same day. Again I was in low on the Dow and as expected it crashed a massive 299 points. I received £10 per point fall from that deal – my total profit — £3,710.00.

Do You Realize What My System Means To You?

It means you don’t need up-front capital to create daily profits. With stakes starting at 50p, this business venture is available to everyone whatever your circumstances.

It also means that past experience or qualifications are not important. I provide the experience, which I’ll share with you, and the only qualifications required are the strategic ones. I’ll show you how to gain significant daily profits by applying tried and tested strategies and techniques that will, over the coming months, increase your personal net worth substantially.

As Mr B. Devadas recently wrote: “Buying your course was one of the best things to happen in my life …thank you for all you have done for me …”

Text Box: £5 BET WINS CITY OFFICE BOY £3m A lowly office junior stunned his bosses by turning a £5 bet into a £3million fortune. For more than a`year`the young City wizzkid has forecast every twist and turn of the World’s currency market. But the lucky youngster with the Midas touch – now a legend amongst City experts – hasn’t even told his wife. And he’s kept most of the cash stashed with the bookmaker except for a £40,000 withdrawal for Christmas. His run of luck started last`year`with a modest £5 bet that the French Franc would crumble against Sterling. He was right and raked in a small fortune against all the predictions of his more experienced superiors.

In a nutshell, you’ll discover more practical ways of making money from the rising and failing markets, more powerful methods of multiplying your daily trading profits, more dramatic techniques and precise strategies that will create an unfair advantage, more ethically –- but powerful ways to exploit a company’s poor sales profits than any other source I know of.

What’s more, you will not be confused with any complicated instructions, information or directions. I’ll assume nothing and guide you every step in a relaxed, easy to understand way.

In a moment I’ll tell you about the totally risk-free proposition I am willing to make you.

Do you want to get involved in the action?

How much can you realistically expect to make from my advice?

Let’s take a simple look at how financial trading will work for you. One of the most straightforward financial markets you can trade is the London Stock Exchange and, in particular, the Financial Times Stock Exchange indexes, which are known as the FTSE. A financial bookmaker will make a prediction as to the closing price of the market at its daily closing value or some future point. It is then up to the client — you — to decide whether you think the prediction is too high, or too low.

I aim to make £120.00 per day, and for this, the FTSE has only to move 10 points in either direction. With the FTSE moving on average 40 points per day, you can see that by applying tried and tested techniques and strategies, this form of financial trading is a successful, highly profitable venture. I stick to certain targets and once I’ve reached my daily profit I close my trades. Sometimes I’ve reached my £120.00 profit target by 9.15am! I’ve not had this much fun in years!

There are, however, many more markets you can trade that profit equally well. Let me reiterate, I promise to teach you how to pre-determine what the markets will do, I promise to reveal strategies, techniques and related information you can easily and quickly use to safely gain daily profits. I promise to explain exactly how the financial betting market operates and you’ll discover information and opportunities that you may not find out about elsewhere.

My Home Study Course entitled Successful Financial Trading leads you ‘step by step’ through the exciting world of futures trading. Everything you need to know is thoroughly and clearly explained. You’ll be receiving my best-reasoned advice and I anticipate you will be equipped to trade within a few days, you could be making a profit within 7 days from now.

Please don’t confuse this course with some unworkable ‘get rich quick’ nonsense. Although I can’t promise you endless riches, I can show you how to make around £140.00 per`day`– everyday!

Here’s my proposition — I want you to be 100% satisfied — and much more — with the profit-making strategies and techniques revealed in the study course and so I’m backing everything up with my Unique Guarantee.

Read the course at your leisure and discover for yourself all the strategies and techniques that you can use to make daily profits. If you are not delighted with the information, simply return it to me within 30 days and I’ll swiftly refund every penny you sent me –- I hope you agree I can’t be fairer than that.

Find out for yourself how successful this system is by simply completing the no risk order form, return it with your payment to me using the enclosed envelope, and I’ll send you your course straight away. Please don’t delay as the markets are HOT at the moment. I look forward to introducing you to this profitable venture.

Best regards,

Robert Evans

PS The Study Course explains my most powerful profit-building strategies for financial trading. Discover concepts, techniques, methods and strategies that’ll provide you with £136.00 minimum profit per day. You risk nothing –- for 30 days. Order today.

Inspired2change was set up to blow the lid on what is normally a very secretive market of making enough money from home to live! We at inspired2change believe that everyone with the right education can be shown that there is a better way to live our life's!! whether that means you are able to buy what you please without worrying, Spending more`time`with our families and on things you love or just releasing yourself from the 9 to 5 rat race, Our aim is to help you On your path to freedom!!
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