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A few years ago I was just about getting by…

Now I spend most of my`time`in beautiful Marbella, Spain. And…

A few years ago I was just about getting by…

Now I spend most of my`time`in beautiful Marbella, Spain. And…

Last Month I Banked £19,000, The Month Before £17,500 And This Month I’ve Already Banked £18,000

· Now I Want To Show You

Exactly How You Can Earn over £3,000 per Week.

· I’ll be Providing You With The Knowledge & Know-How, And A Licence To Sell My Most Profitable Product I’ve Ever Sold – I’ve taken £360,000 From This Product Alone

What’s more, you can work from home, just a couple of hours a day, no special equipment or experience required and a start-up capital of less than £300

Dear Friend,

I know we don’t know each other at the moment, but hopefully – very soon – I’ll be working with you in establishing your very own multi-thousand pound business.

Quite frankly, making a great deal of money is not everyone’s cup

of tea. In fact not everyone is cut out to make a great deal of money.

However, because I truly believe you have what it takes and could benefit from my knowledge and know-how, please may I have a couple of minutes of your`time`to demonstrate to you both my honesty and genuine business offer? I promise to be completely straight and upfront with you, and I certainly won’t try and insult your intelligence.

Firstly, you’ll find actual authentic figures from one of my bank statements covering a twelve-month period (completely verifiable) within this letter. This is not to boast or brag but to simply prove to you that you can achieve these fantastic profits (approx. £3,500 per week – (all figures audited by Chartered Accountant) throughout the whole year. And, unlike most people, I DO actually make a lot of money from what I’m writing to you about.

I fully understand how hard it is to imagine depositing £10,000 at your local bank each month. When I was looking for that ‘something special’ to free me from the ‘rat-race’ I would have scoffed at these figures and mumbled something like: “oh yeah, sure he makes this money… and I’m Tony Blair”. But there is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t be banking similar amounts to me every week.

Why am I so confident?

You’ll Receive A Licence To Market My Most Profitable

Product – I’ve Personally Taken

Over £360,000 From This One Product

Well for a starter, I’ll be supplying you with an exclusive licence to market my most profitable product. I’ve taken over £360,000 from this one product alone – in fact you may have bought it yourself? All the hard work has been done for you, you’ll receive the EXACT same sales literature and brochure that I used so successfully – this one product alone will set you up for life.

Imagine waking up in the beautifully decorated master bedroom of your 5-bedroomed house. As with every morning, you’ve not a care in the world. There are no problems or money worries in your life and no sleepiness nights. You open the curtains and admire your manicured gardens. After taking a leisurely breakfast, you collect the morning post.

Today it’s a lovely sunny morning and you decide to open your post in the garden. After 30-minutes, you add up all the cheques, postal orders and credit card payments which arrived that morning. The final total is £6,580.00. Before lunch your work is done, you’ve also deposited the money into your bank; the afternoon is now yours to do you please.

Imagine THIS lifestyle everyday – an impossible dream? No way. Thousands of individuals live this way and there’s plenty of room for you to jump onboard. In fact what I’ve just described was how I spent this very morning.

If earning £3,000 per week excites you then I’m genuinely here to help you. Perhaps the thought of never having to worry about bills, pensions and future career prospects doesn’t interest you. If you are quite happy to plod along while working most of you life in a miserable job then please accept my apology for bothering you.

If you are still with me, then please let’s not waste a second longer. This way of life is how successful individuals choose to live and I’d love to introduce this way of life to you – TODAY.

Why am I offering to help you?

Oh come on. You know the answer – money pure and simple. I won’t insult you by saying I’m on some sort of moral crusade to empower everyone. Yes, I will be looking to make a profit by helping you – and why not? I’m going to be supplying you with a licence to market my most profitable product that has already brought me £360,000. There is also another reason why I’m offering to help you, which I’ll tell you about in just a moment.

The cash is here – right now in fact! It is waiting to be collected. So come on, jump aboard and I’ll let you in on this fantastic easy-to-run business venture that I’ve been successfully operating for 5-years.

Over that short period I’ve taken nearly £1.2M. Yes, working no more that a couple of hours a day, I earned at least £210,000 per year. Just imagine YOU doing the same. This`time`next year, you’ll have made £200,000 – how will you choose to spend this kind of money?

You’ll Be Living Life To Its Full

Where will you begin?

How about a swish apartment in central London or, your dream cottage in the country? What about a car? BMW, Audi or Porsche? And what about holidays – where would you like to travel? How about the Caribbean, America, Australia or Italy? The choice IS yours.

In fact you can choose exactly where you want to live, what to drive and where to holiday. With your new earning power, you’ll be enjoying a whole new way of life.

Incidentally, I own a beautiful villa in Marbella – Spain, and a manor house in the UK. I drive a Porsche 996 and a BMW X5 – all courtesy of this business venture that I’ll be sharing with you.

May I now introduce myself? My name is Robert Evans. I’m 39-years old, married with two children. I’m no intellect, just an average man who happens to know how to make a fantastic income working less than 12-hours a week, it is this knowledge and know-how that I’d like to share with you – you’ll discover why in a minute.

One Of The Most Practical Ways To Make Huge Money

I’m going to show you an exceptionally straightforward way in which to make a great deal of money. There’s no employees, no customers to meet, no face to face selling and you only have to work a few hours a week. I’m not talking about earning millions, just a few thousand every month. What about start-up costs I hear you ask. Well, if you can get your hands on £300 then you’re in business.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, living in a city or a rural location, as long as you are prepared to absorb and apply the information I’ll be sending you, you’ll be quickly banking thousands every month.

The business is suited to everyone who shares an ambition to better themselves and create a wealthy, secure lifestyle. There are currently 74,790 millionaires in the UK, and a substantial number earned their fortunes using the exact same methods.

Kick-Start Your Life Again – Like I did 5-Years Ago

You’re probably already wondering how to get hold of this offer. I’ll tell you how in just one moment. But before I do, I’d like to tell you a true story about an experience I had a few years ago. I was going absolutely nowhere. I worked for a light engineering company and hated every minute. From those early morning starts, to the filthy working conditions, I was pretty miserable. The only thing that kept me going was my responsibilities to my wife and two small children. Week after week I would take home a hard-earned £250.00 only to see it quickly melt away from paying the bills and everyday living expenses.

I can’t remember exactly how my breakthrough came about although it was roundabout 1995. I do remember (like a lot of people) deciding to look at opportunities to help supplement my weekly income. After replying to a number of adverts in newspapers I began to receive all sorts of nonsense. Some ‘so-called’ business opportunities were just unworkable rubbish; others were downright illegal chain-letter types.

Although, I was extremely pleased with one publication that I did purchase – entitled ‘Government Auction Handbook’. A great little book priced @ £12.99, I even went along to a number of auctions, bought some items and re-sold then for a little profit.

On one occasion (as I was studying the book) I just happened to read the inside cover and learnt that the book was published by a company called Carnell Ltd, based in Colchester, Essex.

This information struck a cord with me, because I did remember a few days earlier looking around my local WH Smiths’ business book section and glancing at a book about a mail order publisher. At the`time`it didn’t really appeal to me but now that I had the Carnell Ltd name implanted into my head, I suddenly started to be more aware of their adverts, which seemed to appear in the national press on a daily basis.

There was a ‘Health Tips Book’, ‘The Vinegar Book’ and a ‘Designer Clothes Discount Guide’. The very next`day`I went to WH Smiths and bought the mail order book. It was entitled ‘Profit Through The Post’ – ISBN 0-7499 1313 by Alison Cork… and guess what… Alison Cork was the director of Carnell Ltd.

This book was a real awakener. At the time, I hadn’t really considered the mail order industry, but from reading Alison’s book, I discovered Carnell Ltd was in fact a multi-million pound mail order information publishing company run by three people. The business also fitted exactly what I was looking for: no boss, no commuting worries, no pressure, exceptional profits and plenty of free-time to enjoy life’s luxuries.

I would now like to publicly say a big thank you to Alison for her book, which changed my whole future. From the knowledge I gained from that book, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to improve my life.

So five years go I set myself a personal goal that by the age of 40 I would be in the fortunate position of not having to work again. On 15th April I achieved this goal, and it has now enabled me to restructure my business interests. I’ve taken over £1.2M from the business venture that I’ll be introducing you too, and I now want to spend more`time`with my family. I’ll still be “keeping my hand in” with a couple of products, but the`time`I will allocate to work will be to do what I love – offering my copywriting, business expansion and development skills to a few of my clients.

This last point is the other reason why I’ve contacted you. Once you’ve established your business, I hope in the future you’ll come back to me for either copywriting work or business expansion advice – this offer benefits us both.

I’m living proof that it really does produce fantastic returns. It turned my life around and I now earn over £210,000 per year, if you’re interested doing the same, then I can help.

Here is a copy of one of my genuine bank statements.

There is nothing special about these figures, they have been almost identical for the past 5-years.

Here’s a quick note from my accountant.

I’m doing so well that my accountant visits me and takes me out to lunch — yep, little old me who used to bang pieces of metal around for a living being taken to lunch by my accountant.

He constantly tells me that in all his years of accountancy he’s never come across a business which makes over £210,000, that is run by one person who works less than 12-hours per week and who never has to meet anyone, no face-to-face selling and can be run from a kitchen table.

So how have I ascended from a terraced 2-bed house and a dead-end factory job to living in a beautiful villa in Spain and working less than a couple of hours a day?

In exactly the same way I will be sharing with YOU – if you allow me.

The Worlds Most Perfect Business

I’m looking for serious people who will emulate my success running what I believe to be the worlds most perfect business.

The business I’ve made my fortune in is mail order – publishing of information products.

I’m sure you know how it works. I send out mail shots every week and wait for the money to come in – which it does by the sack-load. Then I send out a product – usually an A4 size manual – and that’s it. I don’t even fulfil the orders myself and I’ll tell you why later.

So what sort of products are we talking about.

Take for instance a study course I sell entitled: The Business Millionaire Success Study Course.

This 10-lesson course sells for £74.95 and I’ve personally taken over £280,000 from this course.

Another of my products: Successful Property Development

This is a 6-lesson course on Property Developing. It sells for £67.00 and I’ve taken over £130,000 from this course.

Another product I sell is entitled: My Success

This is a manual containing interviews with 18 entrepreneurs. It sells for £49.95 and I’ve taken over £90,000 from this product.

And the product that you’ll receive a special reprint and reproduction licence for is entitled: Successful Financial Trading.

It’s a book on making money betting on the financial markets such as the FTSE or Dow. I’ve personally taken over £360,000 from this one book.

By offering an exclusive licence to market my most successful product, I’m ensuring that you’ll be able to start your mail order business straight away AND start receiving CASH straight away using a tried, tested and proven product along with AWESOME order-pulling sales literature.

What An Incredible Business To Be Involved In

Let me tell you why I truly believe this is the very best business ever!

· Very Little Time. I work no more than 12-hours per week and earn over £210,000. I’m actually lazy compared to others who run the very same business – if you want to, you can invest more hours to create more wealth – the choice is yours.

· Keep your`day`job if you want. You can start part-time and still keep your present job (if you have one). Run it for a couple of hours in the evening if you prefer.

· Very little start-up capital. Like all good quality business or investment ventures this one is self-financing. A minimum of £300.00 to get started is all that is required. You’ll be following a purpose-specified wealth-creation strategy. Follow all my instructions and gradually your profits will rise to an incredible level.

  • No previous experience or special skill. Remember I had no prior experience. No matter what your age, race or sex, you can become independently wealthy. I’ve made £1.2M, just think what you’ll earn with my guidance.

So why shouldn’t YOU earn as much as me? Let me be very clear, this business has produced a number of millionaires in a very short period of time. The owners of well-known information publishers such as Fleetstreet Publications, Streetwise Publications, Stuart Goldsmith and Andrew Reynolds are all millionaires – some multi-millionaires.

I’ve taken £1.2M – with £360,000 of that coming from one product alone – you’ll receive a licence to sell it yourself.

This licence is just a small part of what you’ll be getting.

I’m sure you’ve thought about mail order of some sort in the past as the dream ticket to financial independence… but were stopped in your tracks because:

- You didn’t have a product

- You couldn’t source a product

- You couldn’t write order-pulling sales literature

- You didn’t know where to obtain top quality mailing lists

- No knowledge of running a mail order business

- No credit card facilities to operate competitively

Well, you can now relax – I’ll make absolutely sure you’ll get all of this… and more…

Where Internet Business and Enterprise Begin to Close Up, Mail Order Opens Possibilities

The march of progress has been a popular and usually successful one, bringing with it many of the comforts and renovations of modern living, leaving some ignorant even of how life was conducted before such conveniences became commonplace. Today, many have concerned themselves with this progress, attempting to always deliver the biggest, the best, the fastest, the newest. It’s not uncommon to find a model of computer become quickly obsolete within a`year`of its release, as the market rushes on to find whatever has become newer and better on the interim.

The result of this obsession with the new and the best is that alternatives that are not necessarily as new as the latest innovations are largely ignored after their successor is release regardless of their continuing uses and merits. While the internet is a fantastic tool, even online auction winnings must utilize the standing mail system to deliver the prizes, regardless of the sophistication of the internet. What people overlook in the search to find a fortune is that, while internet businesses and technological sectors provide a means for some to make money, the market provided for longer running services has opened up considerably, allowing a much easier transition into a successful business.

For every new market that opened and attracted big names, there has been a spot opening in the old market for new business owners and fortune seekers. Just because the industries do not deal in high technology by no means exempts them from providing good pay, as is evidenced by many successful ventures and millionaires generated via mail order and related industries. Mail order business is quickly becoming a more and more profitable business by the`day`once more, with newly running companies pulling in hundreds of thousands a`year`for individual workers and business proceeds rising into the millions of pounds per year. Getting started in the business requires an unusually low starting capital of less than £300 for beginners, keeping it an open opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get ahead in a long running field. Inspired2Change, a company in the trade of helping others improve their own lives and make money, has released a manual on how to make your living on mail order business, pulling almost £210,000 every year. With the guide, such fanciful claims need no longer remain a pipe dream, and are accessible to all in the know, with no particular skill or teachings required, just a small license fee and instruction kit will set one down the path of financial freedom and all the free`time`today’s workers often desire outside of their eternally busy and tiring work schedule.

So let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll receive:

#1: Starting Product: Successful Financial Trading

You will receive: Full reproduction, re-sale and distribution rights worth £45,000.

Successful Financial Trading is a 78-page manual about trading the financial markets. It shows you how to successful trade markets like the FTSE and Dow Jones, currency markets like the £ and $ along with shares, futures and options.

It sells for £45.00 – although I would now raise this price to £50.00. It costs about £3.00 to print and 90p to post. Total price – £3.90.

Total profit from each manual sold – £46.10.

#2: Successful Financial Trading Sales Literature

You will receive full reproduction rights to a 4-page A4 sales letter and 6-page DL size brochure to sell the manual. You’ll receive the literature in printer compatible format along with full print instructions.

Value: £5,000.

*This is, WORD FOR WORD the exact same sales literature that I used to bring in £360,000.

#3: Secrets To Successful Copywriting

I’ve been described as one of the top copyrighters in the UK and write sales letters for many firms.

There are very specific rules when writing order-pulling sales letters. I’ll disclose the exact format I use when writing a sales letter.

Value: £200.00.

#4: 200-Page, 10-Part Mail Order Study Reference Course

The main part of your package is this substantial 10-part study reference course on the whole mail order industry.

It covers every single strategy, method, technique and insider secrets that I’ve accumulated over my 5 active years running a major mail order business.

This course will not simply concentrate on information products. It covers the whole spectrum of products that can be sold via mail order. Whether it be clothes, electrical, collectibles, food, house hold goods, toys, computers, DVD’s, video’s, health and beauty products – in fact just about everything.

From the sourcing of the product from trade fairs, import or direct from the manufacturer to the marketing of THE product.

I cover the traditional marketing formats such as advertising, direct mail and magazine inserts. I also methodically cover the more modern formats such as the Internet and digital television infomercials – for example QVC and Ideal World on Sky T.V.

I’ve spent over 6-months creating this substantial course. From financing to developing your business into a multi-million pound operation, this course – I’m convinced – is one of the most in-depth courses ever written about creating a successful mail order business.

It is often said that you can only learn from experienced professionals. You need to know that I walk the talk. Why would you want to learn about making money from this business from a broke person who’s never run this type of business before – or any for that matter? My experience speaks for itself and my products are well known having sold tens of thousands over a 5-year period.

Value: £200.00.

#5: My Book Of Secrets

I’ll reveal every product I’ve sold throughout my career. You’ll learn how many of each product I sold, which lists I used, what response rates I’ve received, total profits from each product.

This gives you an unprecedented opportunity to examine my most secret records. Why am I disclosing these secrets? To enable you to fully appreciate the full extent of mail order and of this powerful money-generating business. Once you’ve seen exactly what I’ve achieved over a 5-year period, I’m convinced you’ll be setting everything in motion to emulate my success within hours of receiving this substantial business package.Value: £150.00

#6: 12-Months Free Membership To ‘Project Chartwell’ Entrepreneurs Club

This is a supportive entrepreneur membership club where you can seek help and advice. You’ll also be able to receive discounted copywriting work direct from me and be kept fully informed of new ventures that you can become involved in.Value: £95.00.

So, let me reiterate,

Here Is Your Full Business Package:


Successful Financial Trading Manual Licence £45,000.00*

Successful Financial Trading Sales Literature £5,000.00**

Secrets To Successful Copywriting £ 200.00

10-Part Mail Order Study Reference Course £200.00

My Book Of Secrets £150.00

12-Months Free Membership To ‘Project Chartwell’ £ 95.00

Total Value: £50,445.00

*Value based on 6-months typical takings **My rates for full written sales literature

Bonus Information: One more item I’d like to include. Do you have credit card facilities? The truth is, banks are making it harder to obtain merchant status (able to accept credit cards). I’ve done some research and I’ll supply you with full details of three companies who’ll set up a credit card facility for your mail order company within 48-hours.

This is the biggest business venture package I’ve ever put together. It’s ready to be dispatched to a limited number of people right now.

One of the simplest businesses to run – ever!

This is NOT a difficult business to operate. You probably already know the basics to direct mail.

You rent names and addresses – I’ll tell you exactly where to obtain the very best lists – get your sales literature printed, post them on a weekly basis and wait for the money to pour in. You then pop the product into a jiffy bag, apply postage – and that’s it!

Difficult, or what?

You’ll be working – I guess – a couple of hours a`day`– your income – upwards of £3,000 per week.

And if you don’t fancy the idea of fulfilling orders, then I’ll be telling you of firms who would gladly do this for you – this is what I do, I never touch any of my products.

If you decide to concentrate on building an information publisher business (like mine) then I’ll provide you with the exact knowledge, methods and strategies to create a hugely profitable business. I’ll also supply you with details of hundreds of writers just waiting to hear about a course you want written, for you then to sell to your customers.

I’ve never looked back since I got into this business 5 years ago. I now honestly make between £12,000 and £15,000 every month. I only work 12-hours a week from whichever home I’m in whenever it suits me. Although I say work, it’s more play. You’ll enjoy running this business; you’ll wake up each morning raring to go. Everyday brings new excitement – you’ll love it!

I now travel all over the world. Sometimes on business, other times for pleasure. The first`time`I experienced first-class air travel was truly mind blowing. These days’ 5-star hotels are the norm. Whenever on business I stay in major city hotels – the kind of places where your luggage is unpacked for you – again amazing when first encountering this service.

I spend a great deal of`time`at my £150,000 Spanish villa in Marbella – paid for by cash. Most mornings I awake to blue skies, I stroll along the beach before enjoying a breakfast of fresh fruit. A leisurely swim in my pool and I may then do an hours work. Then it’s either the golf course for the afternoon or a drive through the mountains in my Porsche 996.

When in the UK I live in a Berkshire Manor House set in 5-acres, my BMW X5 is parked in the triple garage. The house is filled with all the latest gadgets and gizmo’s. Like my £1,500 flat-screen t.v. and DVD. I adore Regency furniture and my mail order business has enabled me to acquire some beautiful pieces.

Christmas times are spent in Switzerland where the whole family enjoy skiing. We rent a log cabin for 4 weeks every year. Ski throughout the`day`–- with a lunch break at one of the mountainside restaurants and then the evening is spent in front of a log fire – a truly magical experience.

I’m not telling you all this to make you jealous – far from it. I’m genuinely showing you what you’ll be able to enjoy simply by following my route to financial security.

Running a mail order business has changed my life within a few

months, and I’m convinced it’ll do the same for you.

Even when I go on holiday – last`year`it was a 4-week break in the Caribbean, and many weekends spent at 5-star hotels around the country, my business continues to bring in the cash. It was £9,000 one week, £10,700 the next, it doesn’t matter whether I’m at my desk or lying on the beech, the business runs itselfnot bad for a £300 start-up.

Forget about the scam merchants. I absolutely disassociate myself from those dubious characters. All I ask is for you to trust me. Quite simply I’ve developed a VERY successful mail order business and I’m genuinely able to provide the knowledge, know-how, methods, strategies and a licence to market a very successful product. This combination will increase your personal wealth and help to establish you very own successful business.

The exact knowledge, methods, know-how, strategies and licence that made me over £1.2M within 5-years is available to you right NOW!

Within weeks you be planning your new lifestyle. Here is a taster of things to come:

q Loadsamoney! Cash in your hand to spend … and more in the bank than you can manage to count. Remember I easily earn £210,000 per year.

q Money coming to you every day – seemingly without any effort on your part.

q No debts, and no danger of ever being in debt ever again. No money worries. In a nutshell, complete financial security!

q A palatial house, a swish penthouse apartment, a country or seaside cottage for weekends, a villa abroad — and investment properties too.

q Several wonderful holidays a`year`- anywhere in the world the fancy takes you – whenever you decide to take off and go.

q The security of private education for your children, and private healthcare for your family if you need it.

q Baubles and bells! Things you don’t really need but are wonderful to have, including expensive Mercedes, BMW’s, a Ferrari or even a Roller, powerful motorbikes, yachts and expensive jewellery!

q Just as importantly as luxuries – being able to be generous with your money if you choose to - so you can give to family or friends, and help out your favourite charities not just with a few pence but in a really big way!

q And most of all the freedom to do what money brings you – the freedom to do exactly as you please, when and how you want to do it.

Never be afraid of being successful. If you don’t at least try and give it a fair go, you’ll always go through life thinking, “maybe it could have been me!”

Remember – Successful Individuals Are Made Not Born!

The majority of us all come from very similar backgrounds. I become wealthy, not born this way – and knowledge is the key. Once you are exposed to this wealth-creating knowledge, millionaire status actually becomes a serious reality.

Thousands of people are enjoying a privileged lifestyle right at this very moment – in fact 1 in every 1000 of the population. Don’t be left behind. Isn’t it`time`you added your name to this list?

An Investment In Success

Now let me clarify.

In a nutshell, if you seriously want to enjoy a fulfilled and varied life – one that only success, freedom and wealth can guarantee…

and if you want to follow a proven system and also discover thousands of powerful wealth-creating mail order methods, techniques, strategies and ideas… then I genuinely can help you.

Here’s what you’ll receive within the next 5-days:

· Successful Financial Trading Manual Licence

· Successful Financial Trading Sales Literature

· Secrets To Successful Copywriting
· Mail Order Study Reference Course
· My Book Of Secrets

· 12-Months Free Membership To ‘Project Chartwell’

· Credit Card Merchant Status Information

It’s Decision Time

If you want to experience the difference it is up to you to make the difference. Lots of people dream about becoming extremely rich. Few people actually do anything about it apart from playing the lottery. By reading this letter to the very end you have shown that you at least have the very special qualities needed to work towards that aim. So why not use your drive and ambition – and the knowledge you will acquire from this substantial business package – and actually do something about it?

This is the largest business venture package I’ve ever put together. Collectively it is worth £55,445.00. You’ll receive a licence to market my most profitable product, order-pulling sales literature, 10-part study course, secrets to copywriting, book of profit and trading records, 12-months free membership to ‘Project Chartwell’ and credit card merchant status information – for only £147.00.

This is a limited offer; it will be a mistake to wait if you definitely want this life-changing business venture package because I’m only releasing a certain number. To order is easy. Simply complete the order for and return it with your payment direct to my publisher to ensure you’ll receive your substantial business package straight away. Their address is on the enclosed order form and envelope.

I sincerely look forward to personally helping you join the wealthy 10% of the UK population by introducing to you this fantastic wealth-creating business venture.

Warmest Regards,

Robert Evans

PS I’m convinced this business package is one of the very best sources of wealth-creating information available. Why? Because you’ll benefit from my 5-years actual hands-on experience and receive a licence to market my most profitable product – one which has already earned me £360,000.

PPS Don’t be left behind. Life is far too short to simply sit around and let other people enjoy a world of luxury, freedom and privilege. Within days you’ll set the ball in motion, and start to earn BIG money.

Inspired2change was set up to blow the lid on what is normally a very secretive market of making enough money from home to live! We at inspired2change believe that everyone with the right education can be shown that there is a better way to live our life's!! whether that means you are able to buy what you please without worrying, Spending more`time`with our families and on things you love or just releasing yourself from the 9 to 5 rat race, Our aim is to help you On your path to freedom!!
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Please pay for your item by one of prefered payment methods.Prefered method is by Paypal or Nochex payment system. If paying by Cheque/Postal Order please include the item order page, and your address.We cannot be held responsible for late delivery if you haven't included any details with your payment. U.S Dollar Cheques accepted, but please if the auction is in £GBP please make sure you check the exchange rate and pay the equivalent in $US. Euro Cheques are NOT ACCEPTED.We will accept cash through the post however this is not advised but the same instruction applies as for the cheque/Postal order.
All items are posted under plain envelope by Royal mail first class or for international purchaser by international standard delivery, on the same`day`of purchase if payment is recieved by 3pm otherwise it will be the next working day.Delivery times are out of our control and vary dependant on Royal mail but you should have your item within 5 working days for the UK and 14 working days overseas.If does not arrive 1 week after the above times please let us know and we will happily dispatch a replacement to you.
We believe that you will be very happy with your purchase of one of our guides, but for those who are unsure of the product range, all of our products come with a 30`day`money back, No questions, No quibble, No nonsense guarantee.

If the parcel is delivered to you in an unsatisfactory condition, you must refuse delivery from your courier, so that the item is returned to us and a claim is made for damage in transit. Any claims must be made within 24 hours of a delivery attempt, we will then be intouch to confirm refund details.

The 30`day`money back guarantee starts 2 days after the item is posted.  If you are unhappy with any part of the transaction please let us know so we can sort the matter for you ASAP.

Contact us by using the contact button at the top of the page or alternatively email:

Whether you want some advice,have a business proposal,want to return an item or just a general question The best way to contact us is through the contact service or the email address above .We will always respond to you within 24 hours during the working week (Monday to Friday 9-6),During the weekend we will reply but you may have to wait slightly longer. Please feel free to contact us as we enjoy hearing from our customers,Also if you have a business opportunitiy/proposal that you may need help to market, fulfill or think maybe off interest to us then drop us a line and we will be glad to help you out

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