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From:Sophia J

Sunday, November 19, 2017, 11:56 AM

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The digital age has brought a profound number of sweeping changes to day to day life,revolutionizing the way we conduct out lives,from the way we meet up and talk with friends to the very landscape of the longstanding institution known as the workplace.Whereas,in the past,communication could be astoundingly slow by current standards,now there is the opportunity for people of all different walks of life,from different nations the globe over to meet,bandy ideas,exchange information and just discuss at length,at the mere click of a button.While this ability has presented countless new opportunities for businesses,increasing productivity and possibilities beyond what could ever be imagine before,many overlook the impact that the net can have on one’s personal life.

From the comparatively ancient email to the newer social networking circles introduced just recently,the internet has made a massive impact on the way we interact and connect socially,with new friends meeting by the day,from thousands of miles away simply from an online chat.Many are looking for more than just the friendship and company offered by such exchanges,seeking to fulfill themselves more deeply through the use of such a powerful tool.Friendship is not the only lode of interpersonal relations to be tapped via the internet and more people than ever are turning to online dating and matching services to find what they hope will be a dedicated and lifelong partner.The problem with this lies in the special intricacies and differences online dating offers against other dating media;many are unaware of the delicate situations offered by such a relationship,and are thus baffled by the stifled success they could meet with looking for love.

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