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Publish A Magazine!See Your Glossy Title Sold In Newsagents Across The Country.

Make a minimum of £100K per`year`from your own glossy magazine… on any subject… and have most of the actual work taken care of by others!

“Publish A Magazine!

See Your Glossy Title Sold In Newsagents Across The Country.”

“Make a minimum of £100K per`year`from your own glossy magazine… on any subject… and have most of the actual work taken care of by others!”

Dear Reader,

According to The Sunday Times Rich List, more people in the UK have become multi-millionaires from publishing than almost any other type of business. These people are making vast fortunes from basic titles, sold on a weekly or monthly basis, with most of the work required, carried out by other people, the owners simply sit back and collect the profits each month.


John Madjeski spotted a gap in the market for motor advertising, his title ‘Auto Trader’ was sold a few years ago for an incredible £174 million! Richard Desmond owns two publishing companies estimated to be worth over £60 million. His titles include the now famous ‘OK’ magazine. Chris Anderson started Future Publishing in his garage in 1985. A few years later he sold his magazine business for £54 million.

Peter Field’s magazines don’t sell in any newsagency, but his specialist magazine publishing business still earned him a salary of £1.2 million last year!

Felix Dennis: owner of Dennis Publishing and founder of the now famous ‘Maxim’ men’s magazine. Felix is said to have turned down offers of US $100 million for the title, which he only started in 1995.

I could go on and on about the fortunes from publishing.

Smaller circulation magazines are just as successful. Take a look at any magazine stand and you’ll see just how popular magazines are.

Everybody – but everybody – buys magazines. Take a look at your desk, coffee table, doctors waiting area or that untidy pile by the side of your sofa, magazines are everywhere. With desk-top publishing technology so readily available, you now have teenagers producing music magazines, train enthusiasts who publish magazines about – you guessed it – train spotting! Fashion conscious people publishing magazines on the latest styles, car enthusiasts publishing magazines on specific car models, wannabe interior designers publishing home make-over type magazines and many more on subjects such as animals, pets, homes, sport, food, cooking, celebrities, gardening – the list is endless. What is clear though, is that all these publishers are raking in vast fortunes.

Consider this for a moment. Today, you think nothing of paying £3.00 for a decent magazine, perhaps you buy two or three a week, maybe your partner does the same, along with your friends, family and work colleagues. This scenario occurs up and down the country every single day.

Our demand for information, knowledge and pure entertainment is

insatiable. This is where you jump in and take full advantage.

Like sport? A magazine devoted to your favourite sport (no it doesn’t have to be about football) is appealing to sport fans around the globe.

Keen on a hobby? A magazine specialising in a particular hobby where ideas, tips, tricks, sales and wants are shared amongst your readers – anything from stamp collecting, antiques to pottery and embroidery.

Home interest and lifestyle magazines are one of the fastest growing areas in magazine publishing. Whether it’s DIY, interior design, gardening, cookery, fashion, food or travel you can use your skills, talents and imagination as the basis of a successful title.

Fancy yourself as a serious publisher? There is a vast array of subjects to get your teeth into. Arts, economics, science, technology, news, current affairs and politics spring to mind.

Consider yourself an entrepreneur? Then a business, management or moneymaking magazine could be just up your street.

Got kids? Then let your children help you design and market the most successful kid’s magazine, cartoon or comic book ever!

There are so many subjects just waiting to be published.

Whether you are male, female, young, mature – from any background whatsoever, the world of magazine publishing is an incredibly exciting, rewarding and enjoyable industry to be fully involved in.

A number of small magazine publishers, who probably started with an idea and developed it at their kitchen table, have gone on to make millions. The route a number of publishing millionaires took was to develop a good strong title attracting thousands of readers and selling up to one of the major publishing houses. These success stories happen so often that it now seems an almost everyday occurrence.

This letter is an invitation for you to join the hundreds before you who have made their fortunes from publishing high street glossy magazines.

First of all let me ask you a question:

Would you allow me to show you how to publish a magazine that will be sold on the high street and MAKE A £MILLION FROM MAGAZINE PUBLISHING?

The “Publish a Glossy High Street Magazine Home Study Course” does just that.

On your behalf, I have worked with experienced magazine publishers, editors, journalists, writers, designers, printers and distributors.

The 200+ page A4 size 8-lesson study reference guide explains in the simplest terms how any publishing idea, whether it is sport, hobbies, business, motoring, fashion, interior design or any one of a hundred more publishing subjects, starting from scratch can develop into a growing publishing business venture.

The structure of the reference guide is recognising, understanding, adapting and applying a number of strategic methods to your publishing idea.

Self Publishing, a License to Print Money

Today it’s common to see home businesses everywhere, as the advent of the internet has brought with it the ability for many, if not most, services and products to be purveyed from home simply via a website. This model has allowed these online home businesses to flourish and now it’s incomparably easy to find whatever you may need, likely handmade or tweaked personally by a home worker, and often at lower prices than large manufacturers and outlets charge.

In fact, the reason these businesses have become so popular is related directly to their low prices, while sellers are still lured in by the idea of profits. Not all of these businesses are successful of course, and it is very easy to get lost in a flooded market, especially when there are already industry giants with an established name and client base just waiting to push new recruits out of the ring of competition. A market that few have considered personally entering, that has also been aided greatly by the modern information age, is the magazine publishing industry. While publishing a magazine, at first glance, seems to be a complicated business, especially without the assistance of any training, the truth is, with the proper management and hiring techniques, amongst others, one can ensure that the vast majority of work and content is generated by others while you rake in profits in excess of £100,000 yearly.

It sounds too good to be true, but the truth is, it is actually a simple process that can be adapted to almost any magazine topic, pitched in most markets, making the actual production of the magazine a simple case of following the steps and solutions. Inspired2Change, a website for the production and distribution of various self-help and life improvement guides has recently put out their latest release on publishing your own magazine and getting it for sale in news stands far and wide. Even in this`time`of economic recession, magazines continue to be bought all over, they remain a staple on coffee tables, waiting rooms, offices and desks, often seen but little noticed; so, they continue to be bought, and publishers continue to make vast profits with little personal work involved.

With this sort of deal it’s surprising that Inspired2Change’s manual has not yet become common knowledge, but the magazine market remains open to new entrants, leaving a place for the market to grow. For now, new publishers still have a chance to get into the market on the ground level before all of the open niches are closed out by enterprising entrepreneurs also looking to get their cut of the publishing action.

Here is a small selection from the study

reference guide of specific information you’ll be

learning and applying:

· How to develop a magazine or newsletter idea within hours of reading the reference guide - you’ll have a full understanding of what ideas/titles will capture thousands of new customers/subscribers in minimum`time`

· How to get it right first time! Using a very simple step-by-step formula, you’ll learn exactly what articles, features, news and information you should include in your magazine and how to combine them expertly – just like a professional editor

· How to write articles and features, take and choose photographs, use artwork, design and layout magazine pages professionally – with lots of clever techniques, strategies and methods to develop a professional finished magazine or newsletter

· An insight into how the magazine and newsletter industry actually works – what subjects constantly attract thousands of readers week on week,`year`on year, out-pull their closest rivals and achieve dramatic sales growth – and why there are numerous publishing opportunities which are underdeveloped – you’ll discover 80 subject titles that will grow into major profit-producing titles

· Advanced magazine and newsletter development methods and strategies. Develop your title into a multi-national brand. You’ll learn about producing overseas editions, overseas licensing, exploiting the Internet with an online version, creating a stable of titles and developing the brand using your best Unique Selling Proposition

· How to find and use journalists, writers, designers, photographers and other creative people to work for you on a freelance basis

· How a combination of simple marketing methods results in companies queuing up to advertise in your publication.

· How to write interesting editorial comment

· How to obtain news stories from press releases, news agencies and syndication

· Powerful direct-response marketing methods, techniques and strategies that you will use to build your business into a major publishing force – effective sales-related marketing principals that will multiply the results you achieve

· How to construct a complete flat plan of your publication. Standard sizing, production, printing, binding and obtaining a ISBN Number

· How to find the right distributor who’ll put your magazine on the news-stands and into all the major newsagents – sell the title for you and then send you the cash

· And much more

By applying the specific information to your magazine/ newsletter idea you’ll achieve phenomenal success.

As Barry Swain from Hitchen wrote:Your course has proved a very worthwhile investment, the contents from back to front have proved invaluable in my attempts to start a new magazine on my own from home. The magazine is called Grassroots and will feature football at local park level. I feel this magazine title has great potential and the capability to build into a very profitable magazine and or newsletter format. Congratulations on a splendid course which has been priceless in my setting up of Grassroots, I can ensure you that issue one will be landing on your door mat just as soon as the first copy rolls off the press”

The home study course is put together in an easy to follow step-by-step format, providing you with HOT insider information on this booming industry.

I want to emphasise that you can start immediately you receive the course, it will show you exactly how, from a simple idea, you’ll soon have your magazine sold up and down the country in all the major newsagents.

The course has been put together by a number of experienced professionals who all have masses of experience from the magazine publishing industry. There are a couple of editors who between them have notched up an incredible 25 years experience from editing an array of titles. We have designers, copywriters, journalists, and a printer who have all contributed to the course.

The course is split into 8-lessons. Each lesson covers a different subject to enable you to digest the information at a steady pace.

Here are just a FEW more of the many things you’ll learn from the course: -

  • How to get started within days of reading the course…. even if you have no previous knowledge and little capital…. and are working from home on a part`time`basis.
  • How you can run a professional-looking magazine business single-handedly, without expensive staff, offices or equipment. You don’t even need a computer!
  • All you need to know about magazine production and printing techniques, including how to get the very lowest printing prices.
  • A fantastic way to get people to send you money in advance for your magazine…`year`after`year` after year!
  • How to avoid common snags and pitfalls from `day`one.
  • Advanced magazine development methods. You’ll learn all about producing overseas editions, overseas licensing, exploiting the Internet with an online magazine, creating a ‘stable’ of titles and brand development – methods that double, treble or quadruple the size of your business almost overnight.
  • How the magazine business in the UK actually works – why are magazines so successful, and why there are numerous opportunities for new publishers.
  • What you need to know before approaching a printer to make sure you are properly briefed to ensure your magazine is of the standard you want.
  • How to create and use a rate card effectively. What you should include – examples are included.
  • How to advertise and promote your magazine using the very best techniques. Full details are included on how best to achieve mass coverage. Also included is a breakdown of all the different media, their pros and cons, to ensure you take the correct route.
  • Once you’ve conquered the UK, how you can make vast amounts of money distributing your title abroad. Discover how you can break into the international markets, and find a distributor.
  • How to structure a contract – examples are included.
  • How to turn your business into a magazine empire by introducing many more successful titles.
  • How to develop a title that will appeal to the widest audience possible.
  • How to work together with your team productively.
  • How to include news stories, where to collect them and how to re-write them so that they appeal to your reader.
  • When to include photographs, fiction and reference information.
  • How to obtain news stories from press releases, news agencies and syndication.
  • How to find a suitable printer, what you need to be aware of to ensure you get the best deal.
  • A glossary explaining all the terminology associated with printing and binding. Also included is a chart showing different sizes of paper and their correct titles.
  • How to sell your title to libraries to increase readership and your profits.
  • Use the tricks of the trade for choosing a good strong title. Discover how to find out if someone else is already using the title and how you can register your title.

And much, much more.

The Magazine Publishing Course is a fully professional course which will teach you everything you need to start and run your own successful magazine publishing business.

The course is self-study. You work at your own pace. There are no classes to go to, no essays to write and no exams to buy or extra fees to pay.


Lesson # 1 – Magazine Publishing Made Simple!

In lesson 1 you’ll study everything you need to know to set your business off on the right footing. You’ll study the four main steps of successful magazine publishing. How to choose the right title. How to create a concept. How to organise the production. How to organise the marketing and distribution. Understanding the magazine business, including publishing past and present. All about: Consumer magazines, trade magazine, advertising magazines, serialisations, part-works and controlled circulation magazines. Choosing the best type of magazine to publish. Choosing the right subject. Doing essential market research to make sure your title will be a success. Finding the best price and the best publication frequency. Includes a planning chart to help you get everything organised within days of starting.

Lesson # 2 – Setting Up Your Magazine Business.

In lesson 2 we look at actually setting up your company and all the practical matters you need to know about. We look at how you can set up a magazine at home. What equipment you might need, hiring staff and using freelancers, licences and legal matters – especially copyright and libel.

Lesson # 3 – Designing & Creating Your Magazine : Part One.

In lesson 3, and also lesson 4 you will study designing and creating your magazine, including journalism, article writing and photography to give it a really professional feel. You will discover: What articles, features and other sections you should include. How to find and work with journalists, writers and photographers. Finding news from press releases and buying news from news agencies. You’ll even learn how to create, research and write a professional news story yourself.

Lesson # 4 – Creating & Designing Your Magazine : Part Two.

Lesson 4 continues your study of magazine design, print and production. You’ll study the exciting world of graphic design and illustration. You’ll learn how to create a really professional magazine page layout – using simple but clever techniques – and create slick, smooth finished pages. Finally, you’ll study printing, including how to find the best printers and work with them – and get the best prices.

Lesson # 5 – Make £££Thousands Per Month From Advertising.

In lesson 5 you will study a major source of income for any magazine – selling advertising space. We will look at: Fixing advertising rates. Selling techniques – including telesales. How to design and place advertising for best results. Effective advertising is a vital part of every magazine today and is a way in which you can add tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds to the turnover of your magazine.

Lesson # 6 – Magazine Marketing And Distribution.

In lesson six you will find out how to market and distribute your magazine, both at home and internationally. You will study: How to find distributors, and negotiate agreements with them. How to get your title stocked by libraries. We will look at advertising, publicity and promotion, including how to obtain free publicity for your new magazine.

Lesson # 7 – Selling On Subscription.

In lesson 7 you will study how to sell your magazine on regular mail order subscription… perhaps the single most profitable type of marketing today. You will discover how to develop a market of many thousands of extra customers, all buying your magazine automatically on a regular basis. We will study: Mail order marketing techniques. Using mailshots. Creating a mailshot. Sales techniques. Using special offers to encourage subscribers. Building and managing a subscriber database for extra income.

Lesson # 8 – Expanding Your Magazine Empire.

In lesson 8 you will study how to expand your magazine into a large, successful magazine publishing company. We will look at important business management secrets, and the many exciting extra profit opportunities in the publishing industry… which can turn the magazine you started part-time at home into a major national or multinational magazine publishing company.

If you are seriously considering producing your very own

magazine or have simply wondered how to get a magazine sold in every newsagent on the high street then this course is designed especially for you.

You don’t need any special equipment or office – most magazines are published from home. No experience, skills or qualifications are required, all the journalistic, design, printing, distribution and marketing is taken care of by others.

The whole 8-lesson course is crammed full of information to ensure you’ll make a success of your idea.

Do you want a guarantee? Our guarantee is simple. If for absolutely any reason you decide not to keep the course, simply return it to and we’ll gladly refund 100% of your money without question. Don’t worry about catches to this guarantee because there aren’t any. It’s simply this: you don’t want to keep the course, send it back, your money refunded same day!

Why not make this`year`the`year`when you succeed in the publishing industry? To receive your “Publish a Glossy High Street Magazine Home Study Course” is very easy. Simply complete the enclosed application form, and return direct to us now, today. I aim to send you the full course within 48 -hours of ordering.

Best Regards,

The Publishers

PS It really is possible for anyone to publish a magazine and have it sold in the high street. Everything you need to know is contained in the “Publish a Glossy High Street Magazine Home Study Course.”

PPS Vast fortunes are made every year. It’s exciting and rewarding. Magazine publishing is one of the easiest businesses to start.

I look forward to helping you make a small fortune from your very own magazine title.

Inspired2change was set up to blow the lid on what is normally a very secretive market of making enough money from home to live! We at inspired2change believe that everyone with the right education can be shown that there is a better way to live our life's!! whether that means you are able to buy what you please without worrying, Spending more`time`with our families and on things you love or just releasing yourself from the 9 to 5 rat race, Our aim is to help you On your path to freedom!!
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