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So you want to be a TV celebrity?

Now Is The Very Best Time To Become A Celebrity!

So you want to be a TV celebrity?

Now Is The Very Best Time To Become A Celebrity!

Dear Reader,

Imagine being able to mix it with the best at the Brits or BAFTA’s, be invited to all the West End premiers and then onto the glamorous after show parties. How about sharing in the excitement, the glamour, the prestige, the travel… and of course the money… that being a TV celebrity brings?

Interested? Who wouldn’t!

Well, let me say right here and now, it is quite possible for you to achieve your dreams of TV celebrityship… and more. Unlike most jobs and careers TV celebrityship is one the few that you really can start at any age, with little or no previous qualifications, experience or training and very quickly become a celebrity – or even achieve superstardom.

Can you imagine the thrill of being recognised wherever you go, people asking for autographs, being treated with respect, you’ll enjoy VIP treatment and a lifestyle that is never available to most people. You’ll dine at all the finest restaurants, attend showbiz parties, rub shoulders with other celebrities… in fact have the`time`of your life.

My name is Mary Simpson. I’ve spent most of my life within the showbiz fraternity. I’ve lived all over the UK, from Blackpool where I was involved in many summer season events, Manchester and Birmingham for the Panto season, and of course London which is my home and is where most things happen. Most of my`time`has been spent helping, advising and guiding people along in their quest for fame and fortune.

What most people are not aware of is that to become a celebrity involves following a well-proven formula, a formula that has been responsible for a good number of people acquiring celebrity status.

There are 19 types of celebrity that you could become:

National Newsreader

Local Newsreader

News Reporter or Journalist

Weather presenter

Chat Show Host

Game Show Host

Sports TV Presenter

Kids TV Presenter

Breakfast & Morning TV Presenter

Agony Aunt Or TV Doc Travelogue Presenter

TV Home Shopping Presenter

Continuity Announcer

Regular Interviewee / Sofa Guest

Resident Expert (For example DIY, Gardening, Cookery, Royalty

Health/Beauty, Fashion, Motoring)

TV Pundit (For example Sports, Politics, Arts)

Voiceover Artiste

Speciality Or Variety Act eg. Magician, Hypnotist, Musician

Look-alike Or Tribute Act

There are no specific qualifications required, however, if you do have any relevant qualification such as a degree, or a professional or work qualification then I’ll show you how to play to your strengths.

The same applies to any special awards, prizes or recognition you might have received. While a degree in politics is a great basis for being a political pundit something practical like a prize for budgie breeding or cake-making or whatever, can be just as interesting to the TV employers!

And so I’ve written something which I felt was unquestionably missing for anyone wishing to become famous… a comprehensive, detailed, easy-to-follow guide on becoming a TV celebrity. Entitled: TV Celebs… How To Break Into The TV Business, I honestly believe this guide can take you from having a simple dream to actual celebrity status.

Fame, Finances and Fanciful Living, a How To

Many people today are facing a life crisis, fearing for a future that they have been unable to make stable, fearing that one’s steady income, or even one’s entire savings, could be lost at any moment simply due to the whims and vagaries of global finances. These are fears that hang heavy over the heads of many of today’s everyday workers, taxing them mentally and physically, leaving them fretting over working problems in even their off hours. This is no way for one to carry on throughout the entirety of life, and without proper luck or planning, the slow drudgery can continue eternally. The perfect answer, for those bored or anxious of their old`day`in`day`out, is available to anyone through a deceptively simple process: becoming a celebrity.

Whereas the ‘working stiff’ must pay every hotel and bar bill in full, is granted no special treatments or house coverage, the famous elite may often find these perks available not just occasionally, but on a daily basis, allowing them to enjoy the extra money they do make through their celebrity status even more. Instead of merely working and surviving`day`by`day`in obscurity, you could instead be enjoying a famous life in the public eye with all the benefits to match; a night spent countries away enjoying a film’s opening show while the next`day`entails a classy dinner yet another thousand miles further away. While it may seem like a fanciful claim, it’s not difficult, let alone impossible for anyone willing to put forth the effort to become one of the rich and famous, with no worries of work or finances.

Inspired2Change, dedicated to helping their customers improve their lives through simple and easily achieved guides and advice, has followed their trend of interest in self improvement with a guide on achieving just the celebrity status that will ensure you get to avoid the hassle and dullness of a working living. The tips will apply for anyone seeking to be a tv personality, young or old, with no qualifications needed, all that’s required is the drive to get started and see it through, a simple task with the guidance offered through the book. For those already eager to begin, the guide is available online via a simple digital ebook purchase, allowing a quick start without any of the travel`time`and costs, no waiting on mail delivery nor the infamous hassle of dealing with the lines and queues involved with buying or ordering a physical copy. As soon as the shopping cart transaction is processed, the book will be awaiting the buyer upon their next email check, ready to help you get started on the road to fame and stardom.

And what a fantastic lifestyle you’ll lead!

A typical`day`could be as follows:

Awake at 9.00am, have a light breakfast, then a read through a number of TV appearance requests from your agent. Lunch at a restaurant in London, followed by a personal appearance at a store opening. In the evening you’ll be enjoying a film launch followed by your attendance at the after show party.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll learn from my book:

Why now is THE best`time`to become a celebrity

How to join the 18,500 major and minor celebrities currently in the UK

19 types of celebrity you can become

Why the ‘roundabout route’ to becoming a celebrity is one of the best ways to become famous

What qualities you need

How to get that vital experience

Which everyday jobs lead directly or indirectly to celebrityship

Why work experience is worth its weight in gold

Training courses that’ll help you reach your goals

Useful contact addresses

How to create a show reel

How and where to find all the opportunities

Who employs celebs?

Why independent production companies offer great opportunities

How to apply for a job within the industry

Details of trade publications

Directories and databases you need to have access to

Details of theatrical employment agencies

Six great ways to publicise yourself

How to get the opportunities come to you

Handling an interview or audition

Agents – What they do and do you need one?

Pay & Conditions

Case studies of how people become celebrities

A 4-step guide to becoming a celebrity

… and much more

The guide is split into 12 easy to follow bite-sized sections, each one focusing on a particular feature of how you can become a TV celebrity.

This is a unique guide that, combined with a little effort and commitment will help you achieve your dream… and change your life forever!

The normal price for this guide is £65.00 but my publisher has persuaded me to allow them to offer this exclusive guide for just £57.00.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming famous, the easiest way for you to realise that goal is to become a TV celebrity. The guide: TV Celebs… How To Break Into The TV Business will ensure you take the correct route.

To order is very easy. Simply complete the order form and return it with payment direct to my publishers. Within a few days you’ll have in your hands information that is literally life changing. I look forward to seeing you on TV.

Very best wishes

Mary Simpson

Mary Simpson


PS Never has there been a greater opportunity to break into the TV business. Follow a proven route and you could be living your dream… and having the`time`of your life!

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