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Time and again the most obvious and profitable business ventures are either invisible or ignored by the vast majority!

Revealed! I’ll show You Exactly How To Earn £45,000 Within 6-Months

Time and again the most obvious and profitable business ventures are either invisible or ignored by the vast majority!

Revealed! I’ll show You Exactly How To Earn £45,000 Within 6-Months

Why Am I So Confident? Because I Tried Out This Venture And Here’s What I banked In The Last 5-Months Alone* Without Even Trying:

£ 8,450 in September

£ 4,684 in August

£ 6,706 in July

£ 7,881 in June

£11,538 in May (*All figures are audited by Chartered Accountant.)

Follow Me And You’ll Be Earning

£1,800 Per Week — Working

No More Than 5-hours

Dear Friend,

I’d like to tell you about a unique — and invaluable venture that actually took me 12-months to recognise. What’s more, it’s so profitable that I’ll reveal exactly what’s involved and go out of my way to prove to you that profits of £250 per`day`are genuine and easily attainable.

The venture is one of the simplest to run from home.

• No stock • No face-to-face selling • No expensive equipment • No offices • No employees

No contact with customersNo credit-terms • No boss • No early morning starts …

in fact it’s probably top of the list of ideal home-based business ventures. But it’s being ignored by 99% of people. It is often said that the best ideas are the simplest ones — they’re the ideas that leave you thinking, ‘I could have thought of that.’ But the fact is most people didn’t! The handful of individuals who are currently involved are all earning vast amounts every week. Easy money — no effort!

I’m so convinced you’ll want a piece of the action that you’ll find actual authentic figures from one of my bank statements covering a six-month period (completely verifiable) within this letter. It proves that I easily made £45,000 within 6-months — this without even trying and working a couple of hours per week!

There is no other business like it. It lets you decide exactly how much money you want to earn every week. If like me, £45,000 every 6-months suits you — great, it’ll take a couple of hours a week to achieve. If you have more`time`to spare, or looking to make this your full-time occupation, then the sky really is the limit. In a moment I’ll give you details of people who operate full`time`and make £100,000 plus per year.

Because this business enterprise is unique, you are not going to read about it anywhere else. As I mentioned, it took me 12-months to finally recognise it and I bet, once I’ve told you a little more you’ll probably have never seriously considered it either.

I only run this business for a few hours on Wednesdays only. And that’s it. No more days, no more hours. If this were my only occupation then I’d have the rest of the week to do as I choose and still continue banking £1,800 per week.

Half A Day Per Week Is All That’s Required

Imagine you doing the same. You pick the half-day per week you want to work. And when I say work, I really mean, banking your cash, arranging further sales promotions and welcoming new customers to your service. That’s it, no more work for another week!

Can you manage this?

The rest of your week is yours. Earning a minimum of £1,800 per week affords you a great deal of freedom. You can buy your dream car, go on holiday whenever you want, buy the luxuries that you’ve always wanted, treat family and friends — in fact live life as YOU choose.

How does that sound? It sure beats those early morning starts, nightmare boss and stressful working conditions that most people suffer all their working lives.

Had you joined me a couple of months ago, you could have by now received at least £20,000 from a maximum of 16-hours work. That’s enough for you to have paid off part of your mortgage, put a couple of children through a years private education … enough for you to have travelled around the world, it’s even enough to have bought a rather nice car.

But it’s not too late for you to get in on the action. That’s because although I’ve filled 65% of available places there’s still`time`for you to secure your place.

In 2 months`time`you’ll open your latest bank statement and see that at least £20,000 is in your account. Within 6-months who knows how much cash you’ll have to spend!

£2,720 within 3-days

It’s quite possible to make £2,720 in three days! Does that sound too far-fetched? Well, once I’d introduced Jonathan Atkinson from Carlisle to this venture, he immediately set the wheels in motioned. Three days later he had 32 customers who each paid £85.00.

So what is this fantastic business venture?

There are occasions when it is easier just to say “look, simply follow these 5 simple instructions

and you will bank £1,800 per week!” but I know that you require a lot more information — fair enough.

A Chance Discovery

Business ideas come to you in all kinds of unexpected ways: after the fourth cup of tea, during a trip to the loo, after hours of talking — often about something unrelated.

I was recently reading a copy of Business Age magazine at my local WH Smith and an article literally jumped out of the page. It was about a horse racing information service operator who makes at least £600,000 per

year. Yes that’s right more than half a million every`year`– wow!

Here is the article:

Now, if you are anything like me, this income potential is certainly of interest. I wanted to know much more about the whole tipster industry and spent a couple of months uncovering some incredible facts.

Thousands Already Being Earned Per Month

Already people are amassing small fortunes from this business enterprise:

q Bob Rothman has 20,000 buyers of his racing service at £95.00

q Premier Racing have 1,632 customers who each paid £139.00

q Tic-Tac have 1,260 buyers of their racing computer system priced at over £1,000

q Soccerform ( have 1,570 subscribers who each pay £40.00 per`month`for football tips

q A.S. Pools Tips have 22,120 subscribers who have paid £35.00

q Goldline Racing have 39,611 buyers of their system

q Camalot have 9,000 buyers of their racing system

q Richmond have 15,522 buyers of their gambling system

q Richard Mark has 20,000 customers

q 8,000 people paid £39.95 for The Millionaires Racing Guide

and I could go on and on.

I know of an operator who lives in the South of France. He flies to the UK every fortnight, checks over the books, pays himself a fat cheque — usually £5,000 and flies straight back down to his luxury villa.

Then there is the married couple who gave up their small corner shop business, started a tipster service and have 600 subscribers who each pay £200 per year.

Imagine if these specific wealth-creating strategies, principles, and methods were available for everyone to adopt — and virtually guarantee an incredible weekly income — this information would be almost priceless.

It’s for this reason why I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Robert Evans. I’m always looking for the next business venture and I thought if all those people can make absolute fortunes either selling a system or operating a tipster service then anyone can!

So I made further enquires regarding the whole racing tipster industry. I discovered there are about 50 services where the owner is banking at least £50,000 per year. I also discovered that the actual tips are usually supplied from a third party which saves a lot of time.

Now, although I was tempted to enter the racing industry, I knew that I would be competing against some successful established businesses. The route I took was to operate a football tipster service, as there are literally just a handful of operators.

So that was it, I would operate a football tipster service but, where do I begin?

I Sought The Advice From One Of The UK’s Top

Football Tipster Service Operators

If you want to do something correctly, you go and get advice from someone with experience — right? So I only wanted advice from the very best in the field, and having established who stood out from the crowd, I set out to meet him.

It took time, effort and a lot of persuasion but eventually the hard work paid off and I managed to meet a football tipster service operator who retired last year. He was, by a mile the biggest service operator in the UK with over 10,000 customers who each paid £75.00 — yes this guy has made at least £700,000 profit — no wonder he retired!

I eventually persuaded him to help me set up a tipster service — OK he charged for his help and advice but that was only fair. He taught me everything required for creating a service that would earn at least £50,000.

Every technique, method and strategy was explained. I then got a quality copywriter to produce

order-pulling literature, contacted my list broker, rented 5000 names and a mailing house completed the marketing campaign.

Result! Incredible! Within 5-days 300 people

willingly sent me £85.00 for a 12-month subscription.

Target Reached Within 6-Months

I repeated the process over and over again and I’m now done and dusted. Six months on and I’ve reached my target of 1,000 subscribers — this is a number I can comfortably handle from a very part-time involvement. But it’s an easy £85k so I’m more than happy.

If after reading this letter, you think this is something you could do, I’d like to personally help you set up your own service.

Let me remind you of the incredible profits that are easily available. Here’s a genuine Bank Statement covering recent income that I’ve earned from this venture:

Would you like to be making this sort of money? On average it’s £7,200 per month. Well you can. I will try and answer every single question you may have, so that you can make up your mind if this venture is for you.

I’m sure you know how to market this service. You send out mail shots to targeted individuals and wait for the subscriptions to come in – and they do, by the sack full each day.

Then it’s a case of sending each subscriber a page of simple instructions on how to access the weekly tips and how to place a bet. That’s it. In fact I left that process to my mailing house.

I priced my service subscription at £85.00 per 12-months. It costs me 30p to post each subscriber their confirmation letter and because my tips are accessed via a normal telephone number there is no more work involved. I hope you like those margins!

Imagine your new life. Every morning the postman delivers hundreds of envelopes stuffed with cash, cheques, postal orders or credit card details. Every`day`apart from Sundays you race down to your letter box to find out how much you’ve earned that morning.

Now that’s what I call a perfect start to the day.

An impossible dream?

No way. That is how I’ve started my`day`for over 6-months or so. Imagine how your life would change if you banked £1,800 or more per week.

Remember I took at least £1,800 each week and I just worked a couple of hours on a Wednesday — just think how that would change your life!

So think for a moment about £250 every`day`– £1,800 per week. Now think about getting this amount every`day`for the next 7-years. Wow! Now that would be life changing.

Realistic Figures

There is a downside — don’t get carried away. I’ve quoted £45,000 within 6-months throughout this letter as I don’t want to raise your expectations. Yes, I easily made £85,000 from my 1,000 subscribers, but let’s be realistic and keep things simple. I suggest you aim for an achievable 500 subscribers in your early stages. Once you’ve reached this target, then you can increase your marketing efforts and set much higher targets.

You may want many more subscribers than I’ve attracted — it’s entirely up to you. My list broker (full contact details will be revealed) have at least 3-million names for you to mail to, so there are more than enough potential subscribers just waiting to be contacted.

How about taking this venture very seriously? Suppose you attracted 5,000 subscribers, which is certainly possible. If you priced your service at £85.00 then £425,000 is certainly a goal worth aiming for.

Those kind of profits are available to you right now if you want to go for it. It would set you and your family up for life, no more money worries about pensions, job security, recession — all a thing of the past.

So are you interested? I set up my service following very precise instructions that were critical for my success. Follow these and you’ll be on your way to a world of privilege and luxury.

The whole business plan is now available to a limited number of people.

Written exclusively by one of the UK’s most successful football tipster service operators, it not only gives you a revealing insight into his whole business enterprise but also includes the master blue-print (the same one I followed to set up my service) for you to apply the exact same procedures.

Tips, Tricks and Advice, How They Can Form A Profit for the Savvy Entrepreneur

Business ventures are becoming more popular in recent days as the economy declines and individuals are seeking to claim their own stake in ever growing and expanding markets that are bringing fortunes to a select few every day. This sudden surge and desire for business ownership stems from today’s dire economic circumstances, many are losing jobs and are thus forced to rely on their own means and skills in order to employ themselves at home owned jobs or by beginning a business off of savings capital rather than using it as a living cushion. Though these strategies have merits that can pay off for certain individuals, there are far more reliable ways of making a comfortable living with significantly less stress, work and hassle, without the need to manage and micromanage every aspect of personnel, premises, and other such headaches that plague the usual business owner seeking to become his own boss.

The secret is simple, though few would think it could prove to be their salvation at the rate of up to £1,800 per week, a sum that’s nigh impossible to beat on the usual worker’s wage, all without a special certification, lengthy instruction courses or boring instruction seminars. All of the info needed to begin your start in this ‘wonder’ trade is provided in a guide offered by Inspired2Change, a company trying to help people live life unrestrained by monetary concerns, stress free and as they want to. The guide provided by Inspired2Change covers the basic and advanced points of beginning a football tipster service, a business that guarantees a subscription fee is delivered to you monthly as you please, for your services to all your clients, all of which require little personalized information, but rather, the delivery of generalized services, allowing a high return on a potentially low amount of work.

The guide gives a number of insider secrets from a retired operator for one of the biggest services around, shedding light on the industry secrets and methods that allow companies to make millions that you can implement to make a safe, comfortable living with very little work or required services from your end: no bosses or upper management to answer to, no other employees to deal with or undo hours of precious work through missteps, no bleary eyed mornings rolling out of bed for a long, hard`day`of labour instead of sleeping in as you like. The guide provides just the dream opportunity many are awaiting, so don’t let it get away, all it takes is a small online purchase to guarantee peace and prosperity for your future.

Here is just a partial list of what you discover in this

breakthrough home-based business venture!

q Create a service tailor-made to suit your personal circumstances

q How to attract the best, most receptive customers to your service

q How to guarantee your marketing is seen, read and responded to

q How to create an offer that is irresistible

q How to get testimonials and use them to boost subscriber numbers

q Discover exactly how the retired operator acquired 10,000 subscribers – insider knowledge that you can apply to your very own service.

q The reasons why people will subscribe to your service

q How to ethically, but powerfully ‘influence’ prospects to subscribe to your service

q How to eliminate the risks subscribers feel before they join

I’ll also send you the exact sales literature that I used to attract 300 subscribers (£24,000 profit) from my very first 5,000 marketing campaign and then use to acquire a total of 1,000 subscribers.

You don’t even need to know anything about football, you are simply a service provider. It’ll be a lot of fun, unique and very profitable. Your friends will be amazed with your new wealth.

Operate This Venture Anywhere!

You are not restricted by where you live to make a success of this venture. I spend a great deal of`time`at my villa in Spain and I can still run this business while abroad. Every week I simply record a 2-minute voicemail message and confirm further marketing campaigns. I’ll ring my printer, ask him to print 10,000 sales pieces, contact my list broker and order a 10,000 database and then advise my mailing house. Within 7-days I know I’ll receive at least £10,000 — what a business.

I challenge you to show me a more simple way to make this kind of money?

Remember some of the racing tipster services I mentioned earlier that have attracted 1000’s of paying subscribers. Well, football tipsters are very scarce so the potential is even greater. And not forgetting my retired tipster friend who has left a huge gap in the market.

So come on, join me, try it out and you’ll be amazed by the results. You’ll be astonished at just how easy acquiring money from this venture really is.

But don’t just take my word for it. I’ve already introduced a few people to this fabulous venture.

“this business opportunity has opened my eyes, to say I was amazed would be an understatement. May I just thank you for a 1st class business manual which is worth a million times more than the asking price. I will be forever in debt to you for giving me the keys to the door of financial security. Keep up the 1st class work. I always knew this diamond opportunity existed, it has taken me 8½ years to find it”

Mr Hussain London

“this is an excellent book” Mr P. Fair London

“overall very pleased with what you sent… thank you” Mr P. Webb Southampton

“I consider my money to be well spent, its presentation is good and it appears to deliver the goods” Mr J. Upton Bristol

“Many thanks for an excellent manual” A.J. Arnold Manchester

“very pleased with the business plan…” S. Brown Glasgow

“Thank you for all that you have done for me, it’s one of the best things that’s happened in my life” Mr B. D.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading your course and I hope to put it into practice shortly” Mr A. Harris Great Yarmouth

“Excellent manual, I have already managed to get some people on board which is great” Mr D. Lumsden Herefordshire

Here is more insider knowledge you’ll discover

throughout the business plan:

q How the retired tipster made £57,000 from a small selection of subscribers with an additional service

q Details of the three very best list brokers in the UK who’s names brought the retired tipster operator an extra 6% response rate to his marketing campaigns

q How a small adjustment to his sales literature increased response rates considerably

q The tricks of the trade to ethically convince even the most sceptical of people to subscribe

q How a small add-on product offered to a few subscribers was so successful it enabled the retired service operator to purchase an Aston Martin with cash!

q Discover some of the most profit-producing perms available – these are little known to most people, the bookies know about them and they would love to ban them

q How you can almost guarantee your weekly tips — so convincing subscribers to re-subscribe`year`after year

q How easy it is to produce winning selections for your subscribers

I must emphasise that I can only offer this incredible opportunity to a limited number of people so please if your seriously interested don’t hang around.

§ No Staff

No need for a single employee. This is a good thing because they can be a pain and with all the new rules and regulations being heaped upon employers it is now a nightmare employing people.

§ Work The Hours You Want

You work exactly when and for how long. No boss breathing down your neck, no office politics, and no clock-watching. I worked for 2-hours every Wednesday, you simply pick your hours.

§ Incredible High Mark-up

Forget 30% which nearly all businesses try to achieve. We are talking 1000%. Because there is no product, your costs are barely anything. You’ll be spending just 30p posting a confirmation letter to each of your subscribers. Now that’s what I call BIG PROFITS!

§ No Face To Face Selling

I hate it, most people hate it. You’ll never need to do it. All you transactions will be done through the post – you’ll never meet any of your customers.

§ Little Start-up Capital

If you wanted to go into business these days you’ll be required to invest at least £30,000. You might to lucky to start a cleaning franchise with that amount — that’s if you fancied cleaning other peoples mess — no thank you! How does £200 – £300 sound to kick-start this venture?

§ Remain In Your Present Employment Until The Money Starts To Flood In

You can start part-time and still keep you present job (if you have one). You could run this business for a couple of hours in the evening. Start slowly and within weeks you’ll be telling your boss what they can do with their job!

I’ve taken £85,000 from this venture in a little over 6-months. There is so much money to be made from this venture — you’ll be truly amazed within days of starting just how simple it is to make so decent money.

Naturally, you’ll be keen to start and earn money for yourself as quickly as possible.

However, I can only offer this venture to a limited number of people so`time`is of the essence, please don’t hang around if you are seriously interested, it could be one the most important decisions you’ve had to make.

But before I tell you how you can get your hands on this amazing information, in case you’ve missed anything, let me tell you exactly what you’ll receive. Every phase of creating a successful tipster service is comprehensively covered — there is page after page jam-packed full of fascinating and significant profit-producing information, each stage is arranged in a deliberate and proven order that is crucial for you to achieve mega-wealth.

1. Complete instruction manual where you’ll first read about other successful tipsters who are all making £100,000’s per year. The guide will then help you decide which kind of service you’ll offer. It could be a newsletter service, telephone service (normal rate or premium), fax retrieval service (you don’t personally need a fax machine for this service), e-mail or even an internet service. Then it’s onto the marketing of your service with actual hands-on experience given. You’ll learn everything from where to obtain top quality mailing lists, response rates expected, recommended printers, mailing houses, ad agencies, voice and fax mail companies – it’s all there. You’ll be copying everything that I did to attract 1,000 subscribers and everything the retired tipster did to attract a massive 10,000 subscribers! Once your service is underway, you then look at increasing your profits by adding further services such as a mid-week /correct score service.

2. An additional comprehensive (65-page) guide shows you how to accurately select your winning tips – the systems included are some of the most powerful available and will easily win £400 per week alone! Your subscribers will love them, and will continue subscribing for many years to come. This alone is worth £100.00.

3. Killer sales literature that’ll bring in hundreds of subscribers. You could pay someone to write a sales letter or attempt it yourself — well forget all that, I’ve had my personal copywriter create a sales letter that easily brought in 1,000 subscribers for my service and is yours to use for your service. You’ll receive a licence to use this letter exactly how it is or adapt to suit yourself.

4. Two extra chapters on how the retired tipster earned an additional £57,000 from his existing subscribers and how he continues to earn £10,000+ per month even after retiring.

This whole package is worth at least £500.00. The bonus manual on creating winning tips is worth £100.00 alone and my copywriter charged me £400.00 for the sales letter.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to charge anywhere near £500.00. The price you pay for this fantastic venture is just £85.00. For that price, you’ll receive everything I mentioned.

OK, its`time`to finally make up your mind. I easily took £85,000 from this venture in a little over 6-months, isn’t it`time`you shared in this kind of income.

Remember, I can only help a limited number of people with this venture, so if you are serious about earning £1,800 per week, please reply straight away — you’ll be in business within 2-weeks.

To order easy. Simply post your order form direct to my publisher to ensure you’ll receive the whole package straight away. Their address is on the enclosed order form and reply envelope.

I very much look forward to sharing this incredible venture with you and helping you secure a future of prestige, wealth and privilege.

Warmest regards,

Robert Evans

PS I’m convinced the information I’ll be sending is one of the very best sources of wealth-creation available. Why? Because you’ll receive the exact same information and methods that I used to earn £85,000, working less than 2-hours per week, at home and without any of the worries, stress and hassle commonly associated with running a business.

PPS Back in July I was looking for £25,000 to invest in a property. I didn’t go to the lending banks; I simply mailed 15,000 sales pieces and received this amount in cash. It enabled me to purchase a property outright, re-mortgage the property to release the original cash and then purchase 2 further properties using £12,500 deposit on each.

* From a simple mailing, I managed to acquire £100,000 of property. Maybe this is how you will choose to spend your money! If you are looking for a quick source of money, or a long-term income generator then I can certainly recommend this venture to you.

Inspired2change was set up to blow the lid on what is normally a very secretive market of making enough money from home to live! We at inspired2change believe that everyone with the right education can be shown that there is a better way to live our life's!! whether that means you are able to buy what you please without worrying, Spending more`time`with our families and on things you love or just releasing yourself from the 9 to 5 rat race, Our aim is to help you On your path to freedom!!
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